Sunday, April 14, 2024

Stay At Home Scrub Stitchin' (aka Claytons Scrub Stitchin') - Day 5


Well, the advantage of not being at Baradine is that I do not need to spend the day traveling.  Instead, I can sew.

Firstly, I needed to finish these two blocks.  They measure 6.5" x 12.5"  They are not due for a while yet, but good to get them out of the way.

Then I figured I better finish off the eyes on my RSC fish.  That was quick!

I couldn't put it off any longer - had to do the grocery shopping...:  😢

But back in my Sewing Space, I started the quilting on one of the quilts Maureen and I pinned on Friday.  Very simple - all walking foot - though a lot of twisting & turning to do the diagonals on the rectangles...after that - a whizz!

This shows half the rectangles done - I finished them off before I called it a night.

I have had a great Claytons retreat...certainly not as much fun as the real thing.....But it was wonderful when Chooky did the Zoom meeting...the room looked the same, but different.  The faces were mostly familiar and it all felt very warm & fuzzy.

I hope everyone who attended had a great time - sending more hugs to poor Brenda - and all the best to those who are still travelling home.


ButterZ said...

You managed some great sewing. A good Clayton’s retreat

Maria said...

You achieved a lot at your Clayton’s Scrub Stitching….

dq said...

Very nice colors on that little quilt, Susan. I also love your yellow fish fabrics! You are busy as can be.

loulee said...

You had a great weekend, and as you say, no need to drive so bonus sewing time.

Lin said...

I love those squares! Great work on the quilting. xx

Jeanna said...

Your Clayton's Scrub Stitchin' stay at home retreat was fun to follow. You got a lot of sewing done. Those fish are just too adorable!

Chookyblue...... said...

you did well........maybe next year you might join us again???

Janice said...

Your Clayton’s retreat was nearly as good as the real thing, but not quite. I’m glad you still found a way to join in the fun. Hopefully you can join us for real next year. You did better than me with the fish. I took 12 fish to appliqué and did none!