Sunday, October 31, 2021

Some BIG Santa Sacks

Echidna Sewing's October Charity Project was to make BIG Santa Sacks for Magic Moments Foundation.  The organisation delivers baskets of food and other goods to underprivileged families,  Previously they have used garbage bags - so these bags will be a much nicer alternative!

They are 32" x 39" - quite roomy!  

I made 4 and got to play with overclocking on my normal machine - quicker than French Seams as an alternative - though slower than a real overlocker.

Looking at these - I almost want to make a Christmas skirt!

Friday, October 29, 2021

ABC Book - Elizabeth

I have finished and gifted another ABC book.
Previously I had made ABC books for each of DD1's Bridesmaids as they had a baby - and it was time for the third girl to receive one.  (her baby is almost 12 months old - so it's a little overdue!!)

I have also been working on one for DD2 - for her baby Peyton - much easier to do two at a time! and I will photo hers and post it soon - 

A few pictures of this one - mainly for my records. This one has a picture of her pet bird - I treated it as a B for Bird - rather than C for Canary.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Peyton's Quilt

When I first heard DD2 was expecting a girl, I thought about some of the lovely pretty fabrics sitting in my stash and thought they would make a lovely "pretty" quilt . . . Alas, DD2 is not a girly girl and she wanted a Toy Story quilt for her little one....

We found quite a few Toy Story fabrics - cut 6.5" squares - she selected the borders for each (from the stash) and the panel made a great backing - with added cloud fabric.

So, those pretty fabrics will have to wait a bit longer.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Crochet Blocks - October

I was able to hand over 10 Crochet blocks to Maria this month.  I've been concentrating on "male" colours as I know there are always plenty of "pretty" colours.

No need to comment - 
I'm just recording for my records and it's getting near the end of the month.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

FNSI - October

Gosh, a month goes so quickly!

And I do NOT need to be reminded that Christmas is hovering around the corner!

I got an early start to sewing on Friday - I traced the shapes and cut the applique pieces for Letters to My Daughter as the October patterns are released . . no magazine yet . . so I took an educated guess and cut the backgrounds 2" bigger in case ... and traced the lettering - ready for a sewing day on Sunday.

I dropped in for a short Zoom Chat with Chookyblue - and did a bot of work on the pages for the latest ABC book - they are now sewn together and ironed - just 28 buttonholes to go and it's done.    (Aren't I grateful for a machine that does them easily and nicely???)

I hope everyone else had a fun & productive night - or if you took it easy - a fun night.

Thanks Wendy.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

FNWF - October

Friday Night is always a good night - say goodbye to work for a bit and - this weekend - an extra day to enjoy!

Friday Night saw a group of us gathered with Cheryll sewing and having a good old time!

I finished off the quilting and made the binding for this Christmas project - I don't want to show it yet, but here is the back & the binding ready to sew on.

I imagine there will be more posts where we are not showing too much over the next 3 months!

Thanks Cheryll - it's always fun to visit!