Tuesday, September 22, 2020

An old UFO - SS UFO #10

In about 2006/2007, my Loose Threads group talked about making a postcard using colours that started with the same letters as our intials (SEW for me).

I no longer recall why we didn't do it, but every so often as I tidied/reorganised I discovered the started project.  Last year (2019) another group I belong to decided to make postcards as birthday gifts and I thought that I should finally finish off the UFO, which I did early this year.

I decided to add it to my Sunday Stitchers UFO list and finally this month it got its "reveal".

I went with Scarlett, Emerald and Wisteria.  I had the words machine embroidered way back (2006/07), as I didn't have an embroidery machine then.

I was lucky to have an Emerald green heart button, I painted the cotton reel buttons to match the colours and added the other doo-dads, including a very appropriate pin - "Last MInute Maker".

This is my #10 for my UFO list.

Three more UFOS to go for 2020.

Friday, September 18, 2020

FNSI - September

Wendy has very graciously organised for us to gather to sew and share our fun with all, whilst she is focused on her husband who is in hospital and hopefully doing well.

I got a FriDaySewIn- I am on retreat - yes - again!!!   This is my third retreat in about a month - that is very greedy -isn't it??? - considering many of you are in isolation or are subject to some serious restrictions.

We have a few restrictions - no shared food, everyone has their own shower & toilet - although in a shared bathroom, tables separated a bit more than normal....but that is not holding us back.

I'm only here sewing for 3 days and took a limited amount of projects to do.

Tonight I worked on this. - My Stringalong blocks which will become a colourful table cloth.

I've  decided to leave it like this for now and will do the horizontal strips at home.

I hope you are all doing OK in this strange world.  Sewing does keep us sane and - for me - is a great escape from "all that other stuff".

Thanks Wendy - I do hope Mr B is progressing well.  Sending you many hugs & lots of strength.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Loose Threads - September Birthday gifts

We have two birthdays in September.  Louise and Maureen


Louise requested "Mint" coloured presents for her birthday.
She also likes sloths and brings her stuffed sloth along to retreat each year.

mmmm....what to make????   - all of a sudden sloths starting appearing everywhere - well in the crafty world . . . 

First I found a great stitchery pattern (Penguin & Fish) and decided to make it as a small wall hanger....

It has sloth fabric on the back too...

THEN I saw a picture on Red Boots Gang facebook page of a sloth....great I thought - so I asked Toni Alexander if it was a pattern. . . . .Well, turns out it wasn't yet a pattern.    
So I waited...and waited a bit more . . .to cut a long story short - Toni agreed to give me her "in progress, not quite finalised" pattern  . . .and the bag was born!

So, all you Red Boots gang fans - please don't harass Toni - I'm sure the pattern will be released in due course, or as we might say at work - "when capacity allows".

And following the "mint" theme, I included a bag of (Spear)mint Leaves.   (I stuck stars over the "Spear" part!!!)


Maureen requested Pink...that is no surprise if you know her.

Getting the right thing for Maureen is more difficult - she has a lot fo the things she likes already and I wanted to stay off the "sewing" theme...besides  there isn't much to be gained by sewing something as she can sew faster and better than me . . .
Then I saw a post on Kiwikids  page....ah ha!!! perfect idea as Maureen is also very happy pottering around her garden . . .BUT could I find pink gumboots???
Aldi to the rescue - children's gum boots were available a while back - so I grabbed a pair of size 3 - the largest.....found the right sized pot and added some Petunias.

It was a hit!

I also want to share these "ugly dolls" that Lousie makes...
along with some cats that she has also made.

They are kinda fun.

I put in a "Special Order" for this one:
I gave it to DH for Fathers' Day.

Friday, September 4, 2020

September FNWF

Time to gather (in cyber space) with Cheryll.

It's been a full-on week at work and its a full-on weekend (sewing one day & Fathers Day on Sunday) and I need to squeeze some work time in too....but tonight - half an hour of Better Homes & Gardens and all of a sudden the AFL was on . . DH was out collecting dinner...so I decided a quick meal and then into my Sewing Space to de-stress from the day.

I did a bit of secret sewing - although it is getting towards the pointy end of the year . . it's not Christmas sewing - but something that is "under wraps" for now.....I did get a bit of crocheting done...

and a small amount of my current sashiko project.

I do hope you were all productive in your own way and perhaps I will find some time to go visiting the linkup here.

Thanks, Cheryll


Wednesday, September 2, 2020

August Projects

One would think that after two retreats - I would have a pile of Finished Projects . . well...not really - I did make a lot of progress . . .but limited finishes.
So, a bit of record keeping:

I made these two Snappy Pouches.  These are the "cheat" kind where you use metal tape measure for the closure...very effective and certainly cheaper than the gadgets you can buy.

I haven't made many crochet blocks either  (no travel to and from work),  I do have 6 finished.

My #5 Project for Sunday Stitchers UFO Challenge was to finish off these placemats.  The two separate sides had been made pre-retreat, so it was not too much work to join them with the brown bias strip and quilt them.   I hummed and haa'd about binding them as per the pattern but decided against it.  So did the pillowcase finish at the first retreat (and that took longer than it should have as I forgot to reverse them when cutting the backing . . drr)  and then finished them off with a quilting stitch 1/4" from the edge at home.
I am certainly happy that I went without the binding.

This is a Judy Niemeyer (Quiltworx) pattern - Tea Time Placemats - Foundation pieced.
I started them in a class in July 2018 - a relatively new project!!!

And before Retreat #1, I made 45 flowers on my embroidery machine - to use on the Challenge Project.

can I count that as 45 finished Kris???