Sunday, December 18, 2022

SIMS Christmas Get Together

My SIMS group met for our Christmas / Year End get together

We exchanged gifts and I forgot to take a photo of my gift!  oops - my bad!!!

I gave everyone a leaf-shaped mug rug - I took the easy way out and bought them from a friend - and a small bottle of Heaven Scent.
This is similar to the ones I gifted.

Inca gave us a bowl with chocolates and a small jigsaw puzzle.

Maureen gave us each a notebook with our initial on it

Sue gave me a piece of sashiko fabric - marked ready to sew a daisy-like pattern, some beautiful pins from Japan and a charm (to use as a zipper pull)   I have been eyeing off the daisy pattern that Lynda has been stitching, so - in the New Year I will get the threads and do it.

We also had a challenge . . . .(well, why not???)
Last Year Maureen gave each of us a small fabric rectangle showing a sleigh filled with presents - and we were to make something with it.

I decided on a wall hanging and to make it a real SIMS project - I asked Inca and Sue to donate some pieces of Christmas fabric.  I made the tree and the "window" up the top from those offerings.

I have been meaning to make a tree from squares for ages so this kind of satisfies that urge.

It's a shame the colour is a bit dull
and this is the section of the fabric that I used.

It was a fun challenge - not too hard.

We've had a great year together and are looking forward to next year 
for more fun - chatting and sewing.


Janice said...

What a lovely way to end the year. Beautiful gifts all round. Your wall hanging was a great interpretation.

ButterZ said...

Great idea to put the sleigh into a wall hanging. Nice gifts.

Karen's Korner said...

Nice work on the wall hanging. Lovely gifts given and received.

loulee said...

Lovely wall hanger and great exchange gifts too.

Lin said...

Lovely gifts. I have some sashiko fabric and must get around to using it! I like your wall hanging - the tree is very effective and great use of lots of fabrics. xx

Fiona said...

lovely end of year Christmas goodies...

Maria said...

Lots of great gifts swapped and lovely wall hanging.