Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Stitchers - November

Another Sunday Stitchers meeting on Sunday - the usual frivolity, chatting, sewing etc.

We had decided a while back that we would make some drawstring bags and fill them with toiletries for the needy.
Today was the day to bring them in and Alison filled them with the purchases made last month - things like tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, razors, deodorant etc...

This is the result of all that activity:

My bag was this one:

As usual I had a collection of crocheted squares - only 8 this's been a busy month!

It is my Birthday month so I had a fun pile of presents to open.  We give an idea of what we would like and this year my requests were: 
Scraps - anything - big enough to cut a 2.5" square
Fat quarters - pale colours (greys, blues etc) for stitcheries OR Floral prints like Kaffe Fasset

I collected big time many scraps. strips to cut 2.5" squares (the box on the top right is full of fabric to cut up), lovely stitchery pieces and gorgeous very colorful florals... I do have a plan for year hopefully!

Cheryl adds in an extra - this year it is a gadget for squeezing the last drop out of a tube - it is that orange thing  - it is already on my toothpaste tube!
And Marilyn gifted me a badge - "Old crocheters never die - they just keep on hooking" - I love it - it is already on my Diva quilt.
Thank you to everyone in SS - I really appreciate your generosity.

I will do a separate post for the UFO CHallenge later.


  1. A great day as usual....Happy Birthday as well....

  2. Happy birthday. A lovely day and our bags look great!

  3. What a great idea for a stitching projects. Happy Birthday to you x

  4. That's a really FuN way to help celebrate a birthday...
    Love it... xox

  5. well done everyone with the bags and you for the crochet blocks... they all count.... and Happy Birthday to you... looks like a good stash there...

  6. Happy Birthday month!! Looks like you got some cool things.. love the drawstring bags! xx


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