Monday, February 28, 2022

February's Crochet Blocks

Normally I can hand over my blocks on the third Sunday of the month - but as Maria wasn't able to attend our February SS meeting, so I've collected them til the end of the month.

13 this month

Saturday, February 19, 2022

FNSI - February

The usual monthly Friday Night gathering with Wendy for FNSI.

I started - not unusually with some crochet whilst watching BH&G

then moved onto making this taggie to go with the baby quilt for my work colleague

Doesn't look like a lot - but it seems to have used up most of my night! - And some progress is better than none!

Thanks, Wendy - Happy Sewing all

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I have watched as many of my blogging buddies joined in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge - organised by  Soscrappy (go here for the info).  So I've been tempted to join in. . . . .I have a pattern that I thought would work well, but after starting a block decided it was too time consuming - I already have a full "dance card" so to speak and although the idea of using some of my stash is appealling - the original plan would have used some of my whites but not a lot of the rest . . and a LOT of time time.

Then I had another light bulb moment - this will be a quicker plan and althpugh I'm sure it won't really make a dent in the stash - it might make a bit of room in each drawer or box...we shall see . . .LOL...but it will keep me amused and I will feel as if I'm joining in . . . .

Here are my blocks:

The picture is a bit dark -
the LED light on the ceiling has gone -
and I am waiting for my Mr Sparky (SIL) to come & fix it . . 

January's colour was red, February's was teal/aqua.

So, I will continue to add borders in the colour for the month, using varying widths and at times - different fabrics in each round - just trying to use up smaller pieces and perhaps some of the least liked fabrics.   I am doing 9 blocks - if they end up at say 18" or bigger (they won't end up bigger than my largest square ruler!!!) - - it will make a good-sized lap quilt I think.

And now its a long wait til the March colour is revealed!

Friday, February 4, 2022

FNWF - February

The beginning of the month rolls around oh so quickly!!

Cheryll is hosting us on the first Friday of each month again for 2022.  It usually makes me "do" something - rather than just loll around crocheting or wasting time on the social media platforms.

So, my Friday night was spent finishing off a Lego holder for Mr Adorable Grandson - who will turn 3 next month . . yikes!

I found a pattern for this (maybe DD1 found it . .LOL)  - but it was for a lego base plate that is 16 cm square - the one I bought was 25 cm . . so some adjustments had to be made.
There are a number of things I'd do differently - but it's made and I'm sure it will be "fit for purpose" as we say in the IT business.

it was quite hard to photograph!  

I also worked on a pencil roll-up case for DD1 - when I made a stack back here for charity - I had one in mind for her, but it never happened.  It needs binding and a tie - so I will finish it off shortly and post it along with the birthday present.
I was tempted to start a RSC project - I had one in mind . . but after a bit of a play, a bit of a think, I've decided to move on.   I really do not need another project!!!!!

The rest of the night was spent drafting out a possible plan for a quilt . . more on that another time.

Thanks Cheryll for organising us again!  Go here to check the other crafty people.