Monday, February 29, 2016

February Finishes

Well, it's the last day of the month - and I should be clocking up some finishes - for OPAM, Sew Its Finished and Aunt Marti's UFO Parade.

I did finish the little mini hanging earlier (here), and I have two more finishes....but one is the GDITC Sewing day project and one is my Nature's Journey quilt and I want to keep them under wraps.

But the good news is that I already have 2 finishes that I will be able to show in March and I will have the GDITC blog swap item done too.

In the meantime I am doing The Splendid Sampler along with 7000+ patchworkers from all over the world....I am not up to date - but as Pat Sloan keeps reminding us - IT'S NOT A RACE!!!  (Just as well - otherwise I'd drop out right now!)

Happy Sewing everyone - to all the GDITC girls - can't wait to meet up again.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

FNSI - February

To top off a full on sewing week - I enjoyed the company of many cyber friends for FNSI - hosted by Wendy.

I relaxed on the recliner, put the TV on and stitched.

These pre printed stitcheries from Best Friends Forever are so handy when you want to just get on with it - all I need is parlan, needle, thread and scissors.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Glenrose Retreat 2016

I have had 3 wonderful sewing days with the Tuesday Girls and friends - De, Noela & Jenny.
We started with a delightful morning tea.
Not my photo - I didn't have any cream.
Then unpacked and sorted ourselves.
I had done a lot of preparation and I had a "Plan".

#1 - The borders for 3 blocks of Bluebird Lane - I still have the appliqueing to do - and the third block is missing a bit (since I mis-cut and didn't bring the fabrics) but done as per the Plan!

#2 - Splendid Sampler block - mine is in the middle of the photo.
       All of us ended up making a block.
Sandi made one but loved Teresa's so much she made
       a second one in similar fabrics.
And it's good she made two since we could then form a 3 x 3 square.

#3 - "My Town" - this was a BOM in Homespun  in 201. I had chosen to do only 4 blocks and found this great house fabric that I wanted to use as the border. The blocks have been "almost finished" for quite some time but needed putting together.  I decided on an attic window pattern.
There are a lot of decorations to be added (felt flowers, buttons etc)
especially to the "Florist" block.

#4 - Quilt my Christmas Quilty Fun quilt.  I did some of the vertical lines and then started on the tree - but really I don't like quilting much - and there wasn't a lot of space so I stopped & packed it away.

#5 - The Bridesmaids Quilts. I sewed the borders onto each block that I took.   Still a long way to go on this ...but getting there slowly...

#6 - Christmas Runner.  Maureen had gifted me some lovely gold Christmas fabric which I decided to turn into a simple runner - I was able to get some more coordinating fabric from the shop so I made the runner.   I was going to start quilting it (it's only small) but couldn't find my masking tape and it was late so I just made the runner.

#7 - The Anni stitchery for my GDITC swap.  I worked on that - almost done.  Here's a bit of it...

My almost 'done' plan:

It was a wonderful time - everyone got a lot done despite time out for a trip to Warwick Garden Centre for lunch .....

and a trip into town to shop at Canning Town Patchwork and morning tea at Brysons.

Thanks to those from whom I pinched photos.
I do feel lucky to be able to join in with this group in February - though we could wish for cooler weather.

How many sleeps until Glenrose 2017???

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Little Project

In 2011 Jenny Elefantz gave a free pattern for "Give Thanks" wall hanging and minis to hang on it.  I made the wall hanging and several of the minis and gifted it to DD1.
She asked me for one for Easter - and gave me a drawing and words.  Arty friend Maureen made a few changes and I sewed.

The original wall hanging is here.