I've been collecting patchwork/quilting acronyms for a while 
and thought it was time to go to press!

  • SINS                   Stuff I'll Never Stitch
  • PHD              Projects Half Done
  • FARTs           Fabric Acquisition Road Trips
  • KARTs          Kitted and Ready To Sew
  • WISP            Works in Slow Progress
  • NESPs         Not Even Started Projects
  • PIA               Projects In Action
  • S.E.X.          Stash Enhancement eXperience!
  • NESTY        Not Even StarTed Yet
  •  TOAD           Tossed Object Abandoned in Disgust.
Please feel free to let me know any others I may have missed.

This is not an acronym - but I wanted to save it 

Sewing is cheaper than therapy
I play with scissors for the shear fun of it
My sewing room isn't messy, everything is just on display
I sew therefore I hoard
Money can't buy happiness but it can buy fabric and that's pretty close
Go away I'm in a scrappy mood
If you see me with a seam ripper now is not the time

IOBEULO (intended ontime but ended up late object)

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