Sunday, September 28, 2014


DH was lucky enough to score an invitation to a Riverfire event - so we watched from the Sky Lounge at the Brisbane Convention Centre - usually I am only there for craft shows - didn't even know they had levels above the halls - the Sky Lounge has a large deck and a great view of the SouthBank Area - although QPAC is in front so you can't see the ground level.  But most of the fireworks happen up high so it was a great view:

But even more stunning was the food...this for pre fireworks 

as well as little buckets of fish and chips, mini burgers (sliders) and steamed bun with Peking duck.

Then after:

Wonderful night!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

FNSI - September

I had great plans -but DH decided we should go out for dinner - so nit much sewing done...I did do a little more on some secret sewing...and today (Sunday) is the big reveal so I think it's OK to show this little bit...

Hopefully next month I will be better organized more productive

Thanks to Wendy for hosting - we had a lovely email chat during the night!