Friday, March 26, 2021

Friday Night Sewing

Somehow my brain was thinking "Friday Night Sewing" is on . . . .FNSI was last week and FNWF is next from my usual night time sewing - it was nothing special.
My brain is a bit splattered at the moment . . lots of stuff happening and I am probably more stressed than I realise....or care to admit.
I took the dog for a walk tonight - something my husband usually does - and instead of dropping the "doggy poo" bag in the bin - I threw in my keys.....Not a pleasant experience to retrieve them - but fortunately, there was a stick nearby with a handy dandy little bit sticking out at the end.  I retrieved them and picked them up in a clean doggy bag and sterilised them when I got back home.

But onto more pleasant things.

To cut a long story short we went to DD2's place for a pizza dinner & the AFL.
DH's team were playing DD2's team.
I am not into watching sport..especially football, so I sat in the corner with my light and my glue stick.   I had cut the hexies to make 11  half inch hexie flowers.....for a project that I just had to get into because everyone else was . . .apparently.  It's a BOM - Letters to My Daughter (though it may be Letters to my Granddaughter - due in July) - designed by Natalie Bird and made available through Homespun. 
In total there are 13 hexie flowers needed - though only a couple for this month, but I thought I may as well go ahead and prep them all...well almost all . . this where I got to tonight.

BY the way in case you care - DH's team narrowly beat DD2's was an interesting game ...if you like that kind of thing - better than a walkover!...Obviously a lot of wrong calls by the referree.

So, even if it wasn't a formal Friday Night for Sewing - I did and I hope you got to do something you enjoy doing.

YAY - it's the weekend and next week is a short week.  Boy - do I have a lot of sewing planned for Easter . . . shame its only 4 days...I could do with 4 weeks!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

March Projects

March is drawing to a close and it's unlikely there will be any other finishes this month.

Completed 6 crochet blocks for K4BN
Finished the last 4 pineapple coasters for DD2

completed a baby quilt - and the baby isn't due til the end of April

and made a heart block for Michelle who is going through a tough time

That will have to do - lots happening but it's all WIP

Saturday, March 20, 2021

FNSI - March

Friday Night again - and time to join Wendy and many more crafty souls from all over the world in FNSI.

First up I did a bit of experimenting with some of the decorative stitches on my machine - I know it's not the same as handwork - but I think sometimes we should give our machines a go at creating stuff.  I have a fairly up market machine (the intention being that I could use the embroidery unit to quilt my quilts...I haven't really got to that point yet due to lack of time ...and maybe enthusiasm...)...and it has LOTS of stitches.
I have a project that I let myself get caught up in (= sucked in)  and I wanted to get some fancy edges to some small blocks.

So I tried a few here:

Then it was dinner time & TV watching time so I sewed some of the binding for this baby quilt.

Then the footy came on so I exited the TV area and moved back to my sewing room - I stitched several of the little blocks.  It's under wraps for now ,  . . .but in my experimentation, I found this heavy blanket stitch.  I think it mimics hand stitching very well  . . I may use it again...

Finally, I spent some time clipping some straggly threads from a quilt top ready to go the quilting fairy....(So much for purchasing that up-market machine . . LOL.)

If you'd like to join in FNSI - keep an eye out for posts on Wendy's blog - it's the third Friday of the month  . .  .and she has a prize each month!!!   (and real people win - see my previous post!)

I hope to get to a lot more sewing this weekend - today a friend of my daughter's is coming over - she intends making a quilt from her old lacrosse T shirts etc.....she is not a sewer so we will need to start with a few basics . . . 
And tomorrow is Sunday Stitchers and we are going to spend the day making blocks for some charity quilts....Guess I will squeeze in some sewing tonight too...
Monday comes all too quickly.

Hope everyone is well...and getting jabs when possible.

Monday, March 15, 2021

FNSI - February - I was the Winner!!!

Wendy - who runs FNSI - recently secured a sponsor for monthly prizes for FNSI....and...guess who won the first month's giveaway?????

Yes - lucky me.

My prize from Kitty Rose Cottage arrived late last week - 
a lovely collection of Tilda fabrics, ribbon, EPP papers and washi tape.

So, remember to sign up for FNSI this Friday and the third Friday of most months on Wendy's blog here.
I'm sure the Sign up page will be there soon . . .

AND go & visit Kitty at Kitty Rose Cottage and support her business.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

FNWF - March

My word - time flies.

I was determined to get in a blog post (or two??) between FNSI for February and FNWF for March....Did it happen???


so here I am again visiting with cyber friends and sewing along...

Some nights I just don't feel like cutting & prep . . .so I chose an easy "go to" project that has been hanging around for years . . . 

This is the second last "sheet" of these and it's almost done - I still have all the words to do on all the sheets, but that's OK...It's a No Rush project!

and once the words are done I need to assemble it . . looking like a maybe 2022/2023 project!!!!   LOL

I hope you have all had a great night/weekend sewing or crafting.

I'll do my best to come & visit you . . . .