Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday Stitchers Christmas Meeting

Sunday Stitchers is the largest group I belong to - so it makes sense that it is the biggest party - BUT a few special touches sets this one aside.

Sandi always puts herself out and creates something special - so although this year we went to the local hotel (rather than her place) for lunch - and it was very good - she still manged to amuse us with some games and crafty activity.  

First up - we formed teams of 3 and had to wrap a ball - set up and decorate a tree with a set list of decorations. All within 7 minutes.  Just getting the tree out of the box and all the branches extended was time consuming!!
Of course at the end there were prizes for everyone... Silly game but fun.

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She also made up a giant photo frame  and brought along a box of props for us to use.

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Another game was threading popcorn on string.

Our craft activity was to make a little decoration - Sandy brought along the mug shapes and the adornments - I chose to make this one.

Although we have a "Secret Santa" swap - a lot of us also give a small gift to everyone  - here is my collection....

This includes some lovely decorations to add to my collection - which this year are strung up on a fine LED light wire.

My Secret Santa swap buddy was Norreen - and she was mine - an easy swap!!!
This year we each put a fat quarter in a brown paper bag with an idea of what we would like....I left mine til the last minute and grabbed a yellow bali - and asked for "Something sewing related"...probably not very helpful for Norreen - but she rose to the challenge and made tme this lovely sewing folder - she added a lovely stitchery and some gorgeous purple bali.

It is great and will be used for a project I have almost started!!

Norreen put in a fat quarter of a lovely blue floral - a tricky blue - but one day when I was out and about - I found a great stripey fabric that went with it.  Norreen had asked for a bag or a zippy pouch...I settled on the zippy pouch and added a few much can you get out of a fat quarter???   I used the fat quarter for both the front & back of the zippy pouch so there wasn't much left - not even a 2.5" square.  As well as the zippy pouch I made a scrap bucket, a needle case, a scissor holder and fob, a pin cushion and a mug coaster.

Alison is the chief coordinator - Madam President - for the group - she needs to coordinate with the hall admin people and attend yearly fire drills, so we thought she deserved a gift.  We made up a box of Moscato and some treats (chocolates, nuts shortbread etc) and I made her another of the mini wall hangers that I've been making lately.

Oh - and we had two birthday girls too - that all got a bit overshadowed but they each received a lovely bunch of fabrics.

AND we had a bit of Show & Tell - that will wait for another post.

6 comments: said...

Looks like you had a great time, loving all those ideas and might even pinch a few for Christmas Day :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

It was a very nice day and I enjoyed it all. You and Noreen did very well with your challenges xx

Fiona said...

Sandi is fantastic at creating a fun party isn't she... such great ideas. Lovely ornie stash and great gifts given and received....

Maria said...

The Sunday Stitchers ladies are a lovely bunch and Sandi is great at organising fun things for the special day out..
Beautiful gifts swapped. the stitched sewing folder you received for Norreen is lovely and the set you made for her is also great.

Cheryll said...

Ohhh that sounds like sooooo much FuN... great party...xox
Merry Christmas ...

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