Monday, December 30, 2019

Final December finishes

I managed to finish off these three stockings - I had made two of the stockings a while back - before Christmas last year - (at least) - but really wanted them done for this year - I missed the Christmas day deadline - but was able to finish them off ready for DD1 to take back home ...and of course - by now - there had to be a third.

I told DD1 that I had enough fabric to make one more....(hint hint)

Maureen & I decided we would keep it simple for Christmas and we decided to make a decoration for each other.
I knew Maureen had quite a collection of stockings which she hangs on a special I decided to add to her collection.

This is a machine embroidery design (from Molly Mine....) - I did leave out some of the embroidery, so that the fabrics could get some of the spotlight!!
I made it in pink for Maureen - and as I had used a large hoop - there was extra stabilizer - and I could just squeeze in one more (by reversing it).  So I made a blue one for me to match some of the other blue & silver decorations in the family room.

Funnily enough Maureen made me a stocking too!   It's lovely.

To all:

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See you on the other side of the decade.

ABC Book - Erin

I posted about this book here, but didn't include pictures of each page.
I like to be able to look back and compare the pages.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

December finishes

December is always a crazy month in terms of getting things finished....the critical secret stuff happens - but not much more.

This month saw these non Christmas items finished:

A taggie for a work colleague's first grandchild

6 Crochet blocks:

For the critical secret sewing - 
a Mini quilt for Lynda for our Sunday Stitchers' Christmas swap
(not such a good photo)

another Alphabet book

60 Angels

An ornament for my daughter & SIL with a picture of my very cute & lovable grandson...

My daughter also made an ornament for us - and it features the same cute grandson...LOL

December is not over yet - I have a bit more to post - it will have to wait.

In the meantime there is some socialising to do and more baby cuddles to get while I can.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Final FNWF - December

You know the year is drawing to a close when everyone is busy with "Secret Sewing".

I am one of them - so here is just a bit.

It has been another wonderful year of sewing with cyber friends on Friday Nights - it wouldn't happen without our hostess who can rally the troops from all over the world, no matter where in the world she is!
Thanks Cheryll.

In case you are not back here before December 25:

Merry Christmas