Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Finishes

For the Stitch-A-Long project - I finished my Red Home Tote Bag.  - Love this bag for its size and I will make another one - without the embroidery - sometime.

I also finished my February Project for Aunt Marti's Challenge - 13 project in 2013 and this is also for Sew Its Finished.  This is  "Little Red House" by Marg Low - the pattern and most of the fabrics came from purchases made by my bestie on my behalf at the Sydney Craft show.  I love houses and things like that - and although this is not my normal colour palette - it's good to do things a bit different - sometimes.

 (nice of my daughter to be wearing a coordinating top when she held up the quilt for me!) 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some Finishes

Firstly, a quilt I was making for my eldest daughters best friend's wedding - last December.  Finally handed over to the Bride & Groom.

Secondly two quilts that I had quilted, then bound and are now on their way to Chookyblue for her Caring With Quilts project, to give quilts to all the people who lost their homes recently in the bush fires that raged through the Warrumbungles Shire.  I can't imagine losing everything in one hit and I know a quilt will not make it all better, and they are not even thick enough to keep them warm in the winters there, but its a sign that people all over Australia care.

I still have my February project for Aunt Marti's Challenge to finish.  And some "homework" for my sewing class on Wednesday - eek - February is such a short month!!

Better get my skates on.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Brisbane Blog Meet

Today was our blog meet - a north side location this time - Cafe on the Park at Shorncliffe.  Scrumptious food, a lot of chatting , laughing, cameras "clicking" and some of us sewed a fair bit.  Thanks Maree for organising this.
Some (who will remain nameless - you know who you are...LOL) had sewing for a project due to be completed very soon...but didn't get much done!!  I tried to crack the whip Chookyblue - really!

Here is a photo of the group of us  (thanks Maree)

(unfortunately Maree is not in the photo)
A few of us brought along our Turtles so they could get to know each other.
 Some of the other "Show & Tell"s

Quite a few of us brought along our Red Home Tote Bags which we have made for our February project for the Stitch-A-Long.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of them all together - so pop over to Noela's blog and have a look - she has a great collection of pictures from today.

Thanks Girls for another fun day.

You can also pop over to Teresa, Helen & Marilyn for some more piccies.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Quilt

I wanted to make a simple baby quilt for someone.
I saw this fabric so took a length of that and a coordinating fabric (from the same range).  Quilted and bound it.  Simple - well after I pulled out the first lot of quilting I tried!

and a close up

This is the first time I have tried an all machine binding - it was reasonably successful - a few bits need a bit of catching on the back, but I think for a baby quilt that will probably go in the washing machine a lot - it will be fine.

The fabric is "Down Under" by Shelly Comiskey for Henry Glass Patt #5843.
 I love it - I could be tempted to buy about 10 metres of it - in case I become a grandmother one day??

Friday, February 1, 2013

FNWF - February 2013

Tonight I did some stitching on this block - not a lot - I kept falling asleep!!
(Not very good photos - just to give you the idea)

This is the last quarter of the last block of Journey of a Quilter - I hope to get it to a flimsy soon...

Then I put the binding on this quilt - got it all done ready to hand stitch tomorrow - I had previously tried Liz's Lumpless Binding and used it again - I'm sold - its works very well for me...

This method comes from a  free ebook from Fons & Porter - the link is here.

Not bad progress and a sewing day tomorrow (Saturday) with my Patchwork Group.

See you all next Month for another FNWF!!

Tonight's the Night

I have signed up for Friday Night With Friends

I hope to put the binding on a quilt and maybe some stitchery . . . .

See you all later on.