Thursday, April 4, 2019

March Finishes - OPAM (13)

I'm running late for an end of March post - but better late then never??

I'm back on track crocheting squares for K4BN - 11 this month

In my SIMS group - we decided - last year that for birthdays we would make each other a postcard - using the initials of the person.  Sounded like a great idea at the time . . .

First off the rank was Inca - IMT (not such an easy set of  initials really - we have told her to change her

Here is mine - see if you can guess the I M & T . . . .

 No??? Icecream Meringue (chocolate) and Topping

The baby quilt is all done (though - it still needs a label)
My DD chose a classic Winnie the Pooh fabric and we teamed it with greens (gender neutral)
and a close up

I have a few more done or almost done but they need to wait til after Scub Stitchin' at Baradine - by now - in one week - I will be there chatting, hugging, setting up and getting ready to power on to a new project ...why finish an old one when there are so many new projects on the horizon??

Thanks Kris for continuing on with OPAM - it's the motivation we need to post our finishes.


  1. Great postcard - I had gone for icing and meringue before I looked at your answer. The quilt is gorgeous. xx

  2. well done with the squares and the postcard challenge...w hat a hard one... I got the icecream but not the others (I guessed Mint and had no idea for T)… you sound a little bit excited about your Scrub Stitching.. haha

  3. Love the postcard, very clever. Your baby quilt is gorgeous.....have fun in Baradine, which I'm sure you will.

  4. Great pile of squares...well done. Your postcard was very clever. Hope you have a wonderful time away x

  5. Inca's postcard makes me want to run out & get Ice Cream...with all those trimmings...
    EnJoY Baradine too...xox

  6. Nice bright squares..
    Lovely postcard for Inca.
    Gorgeous quilt for your GS

  7. I agree with the new project!! Love the postcard.


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