Sunday, December 18, 2022

Sunday Stitchers Christmas Party

This year we rented a space at Vend - it's a collection of stalls where hand crafters sell their goods.  Always lots of treasures to find.

For our fun - we had to fill a bon bon as a present for each other and we had to make a stocking to a pattern that was provided and add a pair of tongs (to use next year at SS so we are COVID safe when selecting food).

I made this stocking and added a pair of black tongs.
Inca received this.

I received this very decorative one from Helen

My bon-bon came from Sue and included a fat quarter, an unpicker, a pen, a Snickers (treat) and a cross-stitched caravan decoration

I forgot to take a picture of my bon-bon - life is too busy!! - but I included a fabric for stitching, a red pen that also doubles up as a stylus, some little chocolates, a purple unpicker and a small cross-stitched decoration (similar to the one I received).

Other gifts were exchanged:
  • knitted stocking from Maria
  • tape measure and fold up scissors from Anita and Juanita
  • small cross-stitch pillow decoration - with an angel from Alison
  • hexagonal coaster and chocolate from Inca
  • small notebook from Lynda
  • hexagonal decoration from Sue
  • Ferrer Rocher chocolates from Cheryl
  • box of Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels from De - very yummy
  • round scrap bucket from Marilyn
  • skein of thread from Helen
  • enamel pin from Sandi

Maria also gave me a separate present for making the crochet blocks this year.  Lindt chocolates - never say No to good chocolate - and a lovely melamine plate - I will take it to SS next year for my morning tea.   I might need to keep an eye out for a new cup to go with it.

Thanks to all the members of this group for a fun year, and lots of interesting conversations. 
It's been a tough year for some - so I hope 2023 is less stressful for them and happy & enjoyable for all of us.

We haven't done an official UFO Challenge list in 2022 - but as I now have more free time (sneaking in the news that I have now retired) - I plan a "UFO - Finishes" list and a "UFO - Progress On" list.  


loulee said...

More lovely swaps and exchanges.
Congratulations on your retirement.

Janice said...

All the girls have been so busy making all your swap items. Such a lovely collection. Have fun planning your projects for 2023.

Jeanette said...

Lovely gifts. Your list sounds similar to mine. :). Have fun with your retirement. Merry Christmas

Susie H said...

Great gift exchanges. Sounds like a fun group. Good luck with the UFO List. I make one every year with twelve projects. I usually manage to get a few crossed off but then I add several more! YIKES!!! *wink* Merry Christmas!

Fiona said...

You retired?????? well done you and all the best. I know you will find lots to fill your time... more cuddles with grandchildren too....

Lin said...

Congratulations on your retirement and enjoy all that extra time although be aware that for some reason there never seems to be enough time! Lots of lovely gifts. xx

Maria said...

How exciting to read you’ve retired.. fun times ahead.
The SS are such a lovely bunch of ladies and you always do such great gift swaps.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful swaps.
Congratulations on your retirement!!

jude's page said...

Lots of lovely gift ideas in that lot, and all the best with retirement, I am trying, sort of part retirement and still some work to keep me in the lifestyle that I have become accustomed too!!