Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Churn Dash - September

Still on track for Chooky's Churn Dash SAL

That's the end of the blocks that are needed - I need to sash & cornerstone & put them into a top - by the end of October!!

Saturday, September 24, 2022

FNSI - September

A bit of a delay this month - but it takes more than a little hiccup to stop me / us sewing and joining Wendy & friends for FNSI.

Naturally, there was some crochet 

and then I worked on a foundation pieced block.  I thought / hoped I would finish it on Friday night - but nope... never mind, Saturdays are for sewing too.

I am making a block for a group but not showing the full thing for now.

It got finished over the weekend - one less thing to worry about.

Thanks Wendy - always a good excuse to sew!

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

RSC - August

I am running very late with my blocks for RSC - August. 
I had 8 done ages ago - but as orange is a fabric that doesn't figure largely in my stash - and I am needing fairly big pieces now - I had to go shopping (shock horror!!!!)

And I am running out of floor space to lay them out.

Making a start on September now so hopefully, they will be done before the end of the month

What colour will October be??

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Crochet Blocks (32) - August and September

Since we didn't have a Sunday Stitchers Meeting in August - I couldn't hand over the crochet blocks to Maria -so this month is a double whammy!

32 in all

In amongst it all are quite a few rainbow blocks - made with yarn gifted to me from Maureen.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Seven Felt Puppets

I have finished the rest of the felt puppets.  I had the first two finished here - and they were mailed off to Luka.

I have really enjoyed working with felt - it's lovely to handle - feels soft and of course, is even more pliable than fabric.

I can see more felt projects in my future - just as well I have a buddy who has already organised that for me.

Friday, September 2, 2022

FNWF - September (and life catch up)

The months do roll on by - a lot has happened recently  . ..

Sad news:
we had to farewell our cat (Joey) on 23rd June - he was 14.
and then on 4th August we had to farewell our dog (Levi) - he was 15.

Wonderful Happy news
We welcomed our 3rd grandchild - second grandson on 15th August - exactly one year one month and one day after our second grandchild.

and I managed to get to two retreats in August!
Not only extra sewing time - but time off work - always good for the soul.

For Friday Night With (cyber) friends - I did the usual bit of crochet while watching BH&G.

then escaped to Susan's Sewing Space and worked on this:

Its a bit of "secret Sewing" - but many of you will realise what it is for - but I am not saying or admitting anything.

Thanks Cheryll - glad you are back home & can sew along with us
& thanks for the push - else I'd be wasting time doing not much . . LOL

& Welcome Spring - though it/'s not very Spring-like at the moment

August Finish - 3 taggies

I have been very neglectful of my blog - and catching up with other bloggers - of late.  No idea why but I will try to rectify this.

I noticed that I am not showing many finishes lately - apart from my crochet blocks - and I have been busy on other WIPs etc that don't count as finishes, but there have been a couple - so I am posting now so I can keep track.

One finish was 3 more taggies - I forgot to take a separate shot of these so the picture from the SS blog will have to suffice.  
One went to my new grandson Milo, one was gifted to De for her new granddaughter and one went to a grand niece of John's who has just had a baby girl.

I know of one more I need to make by the end of the year. so will probably make a couple then . . .in case!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Churn Dash - August

I am pleased to say I am on track for Chooky's Churn Dash SAL.

Another 8 blocks completed

Friday, August 26, 2022

Two Felt Puppets

I bought kits to make 9 felt finger puppets from My Felt Lady earlier in the year, knowing my eldest daughter would be having a baby later in the year and I thought these could be a cute present for the Big Brother and hopefully amuse him a bit while mum was tending to bub.

I asked what Luka's favourite Australian animals were at the moment - "Platypus & Wombat" was the answer.

I mailed them off - along with some other goodies and my daughter face-timed me when they opened the parcel.
Luka opened the wrapped puppets - took one look at them and a look of ??? (I don't know what - I thought disappointment) flooded his face - he got off his chair and disappeared for a bit - I really thought he was devastated that it wasn't something else . . . .but then came back with his favourite book of Australian Animals - Phew!  (It was quite funny ....looking back.)

I plan to finish the other 7 soon- ish - or by Christmas.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

FNSI - August - and SS Retreat

Lucky to be on a real retreat for FNSI - August with some of the "Sunday Stitchers" ladies.

I started sewing mid afternoon - and quilted these pieces - ready to be made into placemats.
My employer gives us two Volunteer Leave days a year - so I used one of them to sew for charity and saved a day of Annual Leave.
Great to share my progress with Wendy and fellow FNSI'ers.

A lot of my fellow sewers were finishing off charity quilts and I think a bit of my Saturday morning was spent discussing them as well as a bit more quilting and starting on making the placemats.

After lunch - it was Mystery Project time.   Helen and I had been selected to think up a project for the retreat and as we have been quite focused on charity projects lately . . .and we had been able to secure some unusual fabric (ie not suitable for quilts, but still useable), we decided that the project could be placemats to give to Meals on Wheels.
A few weeks ago we had cut the tops, wadding and backings - everyone had been asked to bring a walking foot if possible and green & burgundy thread.

We handed out 2 to each sewing person and by Saturday night we had a stack of 14 finished mats.

After that, I was able to finish off my set of 7 (odd number I know - there will be more)

Then I moved onto a "Secret Project"

Overall, it was a great fun weekend - we were in a new venue - the lighting wasn't excellent, but I had taken a light (fortunately).

Most of the crew sewed charity things all weekend - I forgot to do a tally - but at least 4 jelly roll race tops were finished, one quilt top of squares and many tops had borders added.

There was time set aside for Morning & Afternoon teas and lunch - dinner was a bit of "eat whenever you want to".

Two retreats in a month??? - easy in some ways as I really only had to pack & organise once - but also a bit too close to each other.   Nevermind, rather have too many than none.