Thursday, September 21, 2023

SIMS Birthdays 2023

Our little SIMS group (Susan Inca Maureen & Sue) meets monthly and do Birthdays by going out for lunch and giving a small gift.

This year we decided we would each make a postcard using "Nature" as the theme.
Inca received hers in April

This month it is time to give Maureen her Birthday Postcard and treat her to lunch.   We decided to eat in this time, so Sue & I brought food along....and a little bottle or two!

This is the postcard I made for Maureen.

This is the group of 3

Sunday, September 17, 2023

FNSI - September

When you don't work, it's hard to decide when Friday Night starts, but for some of the later part of the day I was finding some fabrics for a proposed rainbow sort of project.  I plan to work on this at my next retreat - which is from next Sunday.  (yes, a new project!!!)

When that was done & packed away with the necessary other fabrics and tools, I settled down to the hand sewing of the binding on this baby quilt.

Thanks, Wendy for the group hugs - it keeps us motivated!

It seems none of my comments go through to the email system of the blog owner, so I will just keep commenting - when I get to it.  It seems to be a common problem.   DRATS!
At least I still get my comments in my email.

Monday, September 11, 2023

FNWF - September

Ooops - very late post.

I am having a few blogger problems (seems to be common) and I stopped visiting blogs and commenting...and didn't post for FNWF for a similar reason.  The problem isn't resolved - I know a lot of people are not getting emails to show that a comment has been added....very annoying.

BUT - for the record I did sew on Friday Night With (Cyber) Friends....

and I am happy to say - it is nearly finished!!  

A belated thank you to Cheryll

Friday, August 18, 2023

FNSI - August

It's FNSI time again - although we post our work on a Facebook page, I also like to do a blog post.

Today I sorted, cut & sewed the August blocks for Rainbow Scrap Challenge - I have already done a RSC blog post, but here they are again.


and whilst in a Zoom meeting with the Chook Shed Stitchers, I finished off the first part of a cross stitch SAL - it is from The Spruce Crafts called Little Summer Shops - it is a six-part series - one a month.

This month is the Smoothie Bar

Certainly very summery...Wonder what else will be in the collection??

Thanks for organising us Wendy - and great to have cyber company - on the Zoom meeting as well as online.

RSC - August

Lagging a bit behind for RSC - August - but now done.  Two Yellow I Spy blocks.


Only two months to go ...what colours still await us??

So far I have:
Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink, Green & Yellow.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Mount Alford Retreat - Challenge Projects

2015 - Scrap Bucket

2016 - Magnetic Pin Holder

2017 - Foot Pedal Mat

2018 - Phone Pillow

2019 - Triangular Thread Holder

2020 - Snappy Pouch

2021 - No retreat - 😞😷 - COVID - no challenge

2022 - Scissor Case

2023 - Coaster

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Retreat Day 5

Always a bit sad to get to the last day . . . . but all good things must come to an end.


Late last night I finished a baby quilt top.

Alison has made great progress on a DV Charity quilt - a wonderful I Spy.


Wendy - our hostess - suggested that we could put all our offcuts into a pillow case, that can then be made into a bed for an animal refuge.   

We got to about 2/3 rds full....its a 25kg tub - hopefully the next group will fill it.

Finally - the To Do board.....Plenty of Done projects, quite a few still to be done, , , , 

Bye Mount Alford Lodge - it has been wonderful as always.

Retreat Day 4

By lunchtime only a few of us were left.

Alison completed her Chandelier quilt - in Christmas fabrics.

I completed Block 6 of My Kinda Town - there was an issue with the architect or suppliers as the flag pole couldn't be erected...

Here is one of our regular guests - Syd the Sloth.  Typical Sloth - he just lies around all day...not doing much!

And, of course - Belle and Pearl.   These young ladies come with Erica every fact - it is the only outing they have. 
This year Belle developed an ulcer on her leg - so some prompt bandaging was organsied by Aunty Maureen and Belle was advised to keep her leg elevated to reduce the risk of an infection developing. 

We also had a surprise visit from two King Parrots - sadly I missed the male one.

Hopefully they will come back before I leave.

Monday, August 7, 2023

Retreat Day 3

Erica's dress for a granddaughter 

Bowl cosies made by Chris and modelled by her and Alison

Our challenge project

Cheryl's Jelly roll quilt

Chris's baby shoes

Louise - baby rompers

Another dress for a granddaughter by Erica

Cheryl's Frequency quilt - hand quilted 

Chris's circular needle holder
Erica's serviette holders
Deb's quilt
The To Do Board

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Retreat Day 2

We enjoy a beautiful setting here.

Down in the sewing room . . .I started on Block 5 of My Kinda Town.

In between the socialising, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and the Challenge Project, I managed to build Block 5 

Other achievements today include:

Erica's dress

Deb's scissor case
Deb's flannel quilt top

Hilda's Exploding Heart (started last year)

Chris's Teddy Bear

And our Challenge Project   -  pics tomorrow

The To Do board at the close of business Saturday Night