Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Gail Pan Stitchery

This is my project #10 for Sunday Stitchers Challenge.

I have had the stitchery finished for quite a while - and I have forgotten its correct name. 
A little while back I saw some lovely fabrics - yes in purple - well I prefer to call these mauve . . and resisted....for a while - but then I remembered this stitchery and another one in similar colours (which I expect to finish off for Project 9 next month) and decided they needed to come home with me.   I have only used two of them in this one.

I have made this to fit my mini quilt hanger, so it's about 12 x 14".  And I decided I would try out the "hand look" quilting stitch ..... I have used it before on my older machine but Monster Machine has an automatic setting for it...so off I went.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Patchworky Friends

Aren't patchwork friends the best??

For a number of reasons I decided not to go to Let's Get Stitched here in Brisbane this weekend.  And as Shez and Chez (the terrible twos???) are not going to Baradine next month, I decided I should catch up with them by collecting them from the airport and delivering them to the hotel - which also gave the opportunity for a quick catch-up with a few other people.

Shez arrived with 2 suitcases and I jokingly asked if one of them was full of presents .  . . .and she said Yes.   One of them (not big enough to justify an extra suitcase...) was for me, to say thanks for the transport!

A gorgeous needle case.  Shez I will treasure it - thank you so much.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

FNWF - February

Friday Night sewing With FriendsBut mostly Saturday....

I really only did a bit 
on Friday Night - I joined you in spirit - but I needed to sort, clean and organise ready for my turn at hosting Loose Threads on Saturday.

Let's just say a combination of Friday Night and Satur - day saw this Gail Pan block finished.....I wish I could sew as fast as my friend (you know who you are....)  but I suppose being hostess today meant I was up and down a fair bit - patterns to find, a few pages of "something" to copy, a pair of scissors to lend, morning & afternoon tea to set out. 
But it was a great day - and lovely to catch up with one of our gang who spends months at a time travelling in a caravan - she finally received her Birthday present from last November!

So here is that block:

and tonight I pressed and cut the other blocks, so I am up to date...for a week and a bit - and I have included the fabrics that I will be using.

The actual pattern is to applique these onto blocks, but I will be using them as whole blocks...a bit like the Ruth's Quilt pattern I am also making.

Thanks to Cheryll for hosting the cyber party - I'm off to the World of Craft Expo in Brisbane tomorrow - maybe I will catch up with your progress during the week.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February Finish (OPAM)

Whilst it's been a busy month for me - it was only a short one!!! LOL

I was going to be visiting my God Daughter (in Sydney) and handing over the baby quilt I had made for her second child - Harvey (here).
Almost at the last minute I saw something and thought it would make a good present for the older one - a girl.  Luckily she has a short name.

As they say - never work with children and animals.  Miss Zoe didn't want to smile after I got my camera ready - so this is the best I could get of the two of them on the new quilt.

I produced the stars on the "Monster Machine".  
I had thought to give it a cutesy name but I think "Monster Machine" is working well for me.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Skyline quilt

Last Sunday - at Sunday Stitchers - I took along my Project #12.  

I wasn't able to get it finished in time..there has been a lot happening...but when this number was drawn out last month - I had a top with no side borders.  So I have managed to add the borders, pin it, quilt the vertical lines and most of the horizontal lines (apart from where I want it to be the aqua thread), bound it and have started to fill in the night sky with stars.

I want to add a moon and many more stars, but a few people have commented on it and I thought I'd show you the "in progress" shots.

The quilt is based on a pattern in  Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book.   I've adapted it to fit existing hangers and spaces on my walls.

a sample of the night time stars....many more to be added....

Not great photos - I will get better ones when I'm finished.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

FNWF - February

Who needs an excuse to sew??   Not me - but it's fun to know a whole pile of us are doing the same.

Friday Night was some hand stitching while watching some Better Homes & Gardens.

and then I got stuck into some quilting - this is Project #12 for my UFO List   - thought I better get a move on.
I cannot get a photo that shows the colour - its a dark charcoal grey - so just the back for now:

And to top it off Saturday was Loose Threads day and I worked on a few more blocks for Ruth's Quilt..only a few to go now.

Hopefully some more sewing tonight - tomorrow I better get a bit domestic   😡

Thanks again Cheryll

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Quilt Class begins

I enrolled in a class to make a quilt - a Christmas quilt - I have told my self - again and again - NO MORE CHRISTMAS QUILTS
but I got sucked in with this picture:
(Can't resist houses   -   or trees - and there are a few of them too)

To justify this - I will be learning all sorts of features on my new monster machine...although I had an embroidery machine before I had not had any lessons, just picked things up as I went - or asked those in the know.
We will be doing a lot of applique blocks and "In the Hoop" blocks.

Here is what I achieved in Lesson 1 
This is "applique in the hoop" - the machine stitches an outline of the number 2, then you place a piece of fabric over the shape - another outline stitch is done - then you remove the whole thing from the machine and trim away the excess fabric - that is quite tricky around those curves - then you put it back in the machine and it does the satin stitch...not a process to be rushed...and "apparently" I should have had some tear away underneath it as well...next time!

We also had a 9 patch block to make but I can do them separately.....so, although we didn't achieve a lot of finished blocks - I did learn quite a few things and there was a bit of information that had to be shared before we started..
Here is an idea of what it might look like when I've finished.  We are using a few different fabrics, but mainly the same.

AND I was given homework for next month - some candy canes and leaves & berries and peppermint twists ..etc!!!
But fortunately this has been a long weekend so by Sunday night I have manged all but one of the homework blocks.  That green background is so much darker than the picture.

Next month we do "in the Hoop" flying geese....but I might sneak in a practice house sometime.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Australia Day Swap

Anthea ran another Australia Day Swap.   It's a fun swap - almost a "No Fuss" swap as we don't need to make anything and we don't add extras.

This year I was sending gifts to Kaylee - I included:
Australian fabric
Shopping List
Tilda Pincushion(I did include some scissors)
Ice Cube tray (Kangaroos, shapes of Australia etc)

I like to wrap the gifts in Australian themed paper - so I used serviettes.

Kaylee let me know she loved her presents and she is about to make some Australian themed presents for some work contacts when she visits Japan...lucky her! so the fabric came in very handy

I received my presents from Anthea herself and here are my  lovely goodies

Anthea sent me:
Australia Day toothpick flags (or cup cake decorations) I will use them Australia Day night
Scented Candles - Blood Orange...mmm smell divine!
Thread Snips - these are great when chain piecing
Leaf print fabric (in purple!!!)- can always use fabric!
Instant Hand Sanitiser - another very useful gift.

Funnily, I sent to Anthea last year!

Thanks Anthea for running this fun swap again.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

FNSI - January 2018

I am slowly winding up the end to my break from work, so I was more than happy to spend Friday Night involved in some sort of sewing activity.  I did have a bit of work to do on my laptop, but then I was into my new cross stitch project:

This is one in a set of 3.  I stitched one of them - way back - before patchwork etc took over - I guess 1985-88.  I've been wanting to finish the set and finally bought some even weave to match the finished one and off I went.  I love cross stitch - it's not as social as a stitchery as you need to concentrate and count so I may not do much of it at sewing groups...but there isn't too much work in each one....a lot of backstitching though.

Thanks again Wendy for giving us the opportunity to set some time aside and sew.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Un paid Advertising

Sandi's Give Away

Over here - Sandi is having a little giveaway - she has made some beautiful needle cases and pincushions.  If you are an Australian resident - you could win a set.....Pop over for a visit.  Here is a sample of what you could win - almost too nice to stick pins in to.

Faeries In My Garden Sale

Truly I am not posting this for any commercial reason - I was at Faeries today and I could see the huge array of fabrics that will be on sale on Australia Day...$7 a metre or $5 if you take the whole bolt.   A great buy for backings etc.