Saturday, July 17, 2021

FNSI - July

There was a small distraction on Friday Night - so not a lot achieved - I did some of the quilting on this baby quilt.

Sadly the Bobbin Thread Fairy was looking after other sewers - maybe you??- and I was only a few inches short at the end (I knew I should have not had such a long tail at the beginning - oh well)

Happy Sewing - if you are in Lockdown - sorry for you - 
we are wearing masks everywhere which is bad but at least we can move around a bit 
and go to the essential shops - today that might be Spotlight!
Thanks Wendy for hosting us!

Friday, July 2, 2021

FNWF - July

Another week rolls by  . . .

Brisbane is in lockdown - at this stage until Saturday 6pm - but who knows???

It doesn't make a lot of difference to me - although I did have some "essential" shopping to do - well the Governemetn may not call it essential . . .So it will have to wait.

Tonight  a bit of a mixture

A bit of crochet (Pretty normal for Friday night - 

I would have done more - but the man of the house had to watch Geelong at 7.50PM so my Better Homes & Gardens was cut short.  I suppose I should check and see if they won . . . . 
Oh - they did

I retreated to my Sewing Space and  . . .I started some binding - but its an almost black on the same fabric - just too hard at night - I do have really good light - but it just wasn't working for me - so I put it aside.  I might do a bit tomorrow in the daylight.

Then I removed this pile of papers from some hexagons and pinned them ready to sew - also maybe on Saturday while I'm Zooming with Chookyblue.

I'm not showing them pinned - keeping it til reveal day - August.

Doesn't look like much, but it kept me busy most of the time I had.

Thanks as always Cheryll - if it weren't for FNWF & FNSI - I think this blog would be almost empty . .  😞

I think you all know where to go and check on the others.

Happy Sewing & Stay safe

Monday, June 21, 2021

June - Crochet blocks

There is a fair bit of sewing happening here - but it's all WIP stuff, so not a lot of finishes...

However, I am still churning through crochet blocks when I can.

Here is the June pile (12)  that I handed over to Maria.

Friday, June 18, 2021

FNSI - June

I seriously did not think I'd get to any sewing tonight for FNSI - DD2 is having her baby shower tomorrow and there was "stuff" to do - but I was back home by about 8.30 and to escape the AFL commentary from the other half - I hid in the sewing room....One would have thought they were losing by miles - but they managed to scrape in for a win (Geelong  in case you care).

One thing DD2 had asked me to do was to insert some magnets into these Toy Story toys - they are soft toys but they will sit on a light she has above the change table so she can grab one to use as a distraction when bub is being changed....(yes she is well aware not to let the baby actually keep it....she is all over that safety stuff!!!)

This turned out to be quite fiddly but they're all magnetised and ready to stick like glue to the light.!

But tonight - I worked on some of the unfinished pages for her alphabet book...still a few more to go - but I'm waiting on pictures of her dog so I can use that for the D (oops I've just remembered I was going to use a picture of the cows ..oh well...too late now I think...I don't think I've left enough room)

That's an case you were wondering...

These still need the blanket stitch but at least Ive got them ready...

Hope everyone else had a fun night - maybe some of you were productive?? maybe not . . LOL

Thanks Wendy - always nice to gather at your cyber house.....and I love how recipes keep cropping up on my

Saturday, June 5, 2021

FNWF - June

Nearly halfway through the year!!!

Scary . . .

On Friday night I finished off this block for K4BN...whilst watching a bit of TV

Then I did some tracing for Blocks 5 and 6 of Letters to My Daughter - no picture - it's hard to see the tracing . . .mmm ...I used a Frixon pen...I know that if you iron the fabric and then put it back in the freezer - the ink re-appears - I've done it before reasonably successfully . . .This time I used a different pen to before - I ironed over the drawing lines a few times to affix the parlon - but after a stint in the freezer - the lines were quite faint.   I had to redraw them.

Then some machine blanket stitching on one of the alphabet books I'm making.

Saturday was a Loose Threads day, so I did most of the backstitch on this well as the words.

Tonight...(Saturday) I'm back to the alphabet books.

Hope everyone had a fun Friday Night, Hope Chooky and gang are having a fun time.

Big thanks to Cheryll for keeping us on our toes!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

A Plethora of Baby Taggies & A Dementia Mat

It seems there is a baby boom - some have suggested it's a COVID thing...I'm not asking.

Five taggies:

For Kay - DD2's friend from school - due the same day as DD2

For Elyce - Ivy is already born

For Erin - DD1's best friend from school

For Tay - DD2's Sister in Law

For DD2

Dementia Mat

A local shop - Echidna Sewing - have a charity project each month - I don't often get a chance to participate but this month it was a Dementia Mat - and I had time off work so thought I could whip up a couple - LOL - it was not quick - so I only did one.

It has zips, buttons, buttons under tulle, shoe lace through eyelets, a pocket, ribbons...I hope it helps soothe a soul.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Letters to My Daughter

I started this project earlier in the year - I had a bundle of fabrics that I thought would work well - added a few from stash, then remembered a bundle of greys and blacks that bestie and I had talked ourselves into last I added the greys for the backgrounds. I have bought a few more - not many

The pattern is available in Homespun magazine and this time I did an electronic subscription (to save the bulk of the magazine - and the quandy afterwards - do I keep these or not?)

I joined the Facebook group and this gives me a "goal post" to aim at.   It's not a competition - but trying to get each month's blocks done before the next publication does "encourage" me to keep at it.

I posted my finished Blocks 1 and 2 there - but not on my blog.

So here are blocks 1 and 2

I have finished Blocks 3 & 4 now.

That bee block had a LOT of stitching in it - mostly now it's just words.

As I'm keeping to a limited colour palette - my bees are black & blue - not yellow.

I thought I should at least check to see if bees do come in a variety of colours...
Yes they do (phew lucky me!!!!)
From this web site I see:

I know this all a bit too factual, but I am planning on giving #1 Granddaughter this quilt - (she isn't born yet....) and I will make up a little story/book to go with it.

Now I can get back to all the other important projects.

Friday, May 21, 2021

FNSI - May

Whoo Hoo - time for sewing!!!
Tonight is FNSI - hosted by Wendy who is having a birthday this month - so it's a special FNSI.
Pop over here to check out the deal & the links for everyone....and there is a free stitchery go & have a look.)

DH was out watching the footy - the right team won - Phew!!

I sewed....(what else???)....working on Letters to My Daughter.

I had finished the stitching part of these blocks - apart from the birds' legs....

so I finished off the applique and pieced one of the blocks.

The second one is ready to go - so I'm sure I will get that done over the weekend...then I will have a few days being up to date - but I'm sure the next edition of Homespun isn't too far away.

Happy Sewing

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Stitchers - Maria's Birthday

Today we celebrated Maria's birthday - and it was one of those "0" ones - 70!

So we had a little bit more fuss than normal . . .

I drew her name- so I was the "giftor" for her presents.  Maria had chosen purple as her colour of choice.
(No surprise for those who know her!)

I had to give 6 presents:
  • Sewing or craft related. - a ball of yarn
  • Square. - the coaster
  • Spikey. - massage ball
  • Musical. - a harmonica - but I also added a bookmark with a treble clef
  • Hard. - a torch
  • Nature related or Natural. - a cake of lavender & shea butter soap

A close up of the bookmark. 

All in all - another fun day! 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

FNWF - May 2021

I've been able to get a bit of extra sewing in lately...but tonight I thought I'd focus on something different....

One of DD2's Cousins-in-Law  (is that even a real term???) had baby #2 last week and I hadn't yet made a taggie for her . . .but there is a plethora of babies on the horizon - so if I'm making one ready to gift on Sunday - I may as well make the others - right??

There are 4 needed in the immediate future - 2 girl ones - one boy one and one "unknown".  Darn - I didn't have any "boy" minky so I couldn't finish that one....the rest just need the edge sewn together and some top stitching - easily done by the end of Saturday night.

This is the one for the Cousin-in-Law 

The other side of the girl ones are a pink flannelette - with dogs -
both the Cousin & DD2 have dogs.

This is for DD2 - expecting a girl

This is for a school friend of DD2 - due on the same date! - sex unknown

This is for DD2's Sister-in-Law - expecting a boy

The one I couldn't finish.

The other lot of sewing I've been doing is making cloth alphabet books - and again it's a bit of a production line - making 3 at a time.  Hopefully, I will have one finished by mid June for DD2's Baby Shower....maybe even earlier...(fingers crossed).

I hope everyone got some sewing time.

Thanks Cheryll - pop over here for the linky to see the other crafty people....and what Cheryll has been working on.

Wishing all the mums a happy day on Sunday...
and if you can't be with the one/s you love - love the one/s you are with.