Friday, April 25, 2014

Welcome to the North Pole QAL - April

I'm a little late for this post - too many Saturdays in the month!!

This is the Toy Works/Candy Cane/Hats & Mittens block - ...really hats & mittens for Christmas presents?? I think the boys would prefer some space toys.

I had a big sewing day a few weeks back and did all the applique on the previous blocks, so for next month I will show all of those..and hopefully this one will be done too.

Pop over to Val's blog to see what the others are up to!  (though I think some of the others are a bit late too!)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Project

One of the things on my Easter To Do List is to finish off these two little toppers for a neo natal unit. I know they are placed over the tops of the humidicribs and according to my bloggy friend Debbie - they help to dim the overhead lights and hopefully, dull the noise a bit too.

I've made them as a leaders and enders project and the squares are mostly left overs from my "My Favourite Things" quilt that I made in 2012.  They don't have any wadding - just the top and a flannel backing.  Very soft.

I think this might be the only finish for me so far this year - apart from my swap presents for GDITC @ Nundle - and I don't think I took pictures of them!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

FNSI - April

How fortuitous that FNSI fell on Good Friday - a holiday - no work - lots of sewing to do.

During the day & night I worked on joining more sets of squares into rows of 20

Did a decorative stitch down the middle of some strips of white

Some reverse sewing on a bag I bought recently

to give it a "box" bottom
(needed another bag for sewing group days)
and some hand stitching

I had a few other "Duties" too and normally I wouldn't talk about such mundane things - but we have had a garage full of "Stuff" for sometime...too embarrassed to say how long...and we have started to organise and get rid of stuff - including 2 garbage bags full of videos and music cassettes....but I found a box of fabric - groan...but in that bax was something I mislaid way back in July 2013 so now I can finally finish it off.

Still 3 more days of holidays, work for 2 and another 4 days off - love it when Easter & Anzac Day almost collide....

Happy Easter to everyone .

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday Stitchers - April 2014

Sunday was time for Sunday Stitchers - a great bunch of chatty laughing sewers.

We had an extra long day on Sunday - so there was an lot of busy-ness happening .

The Gossipers got their act together again - and have Block 2 done - this time Cheryl had a block to show!!
It was also birthday celebration time for Sandi, Noreen and Marilyn.

I worked on my North Pole blocks and sewed a lot of tiny 1.5" squares into twos, then fours.  Hopefully by the end of the Easter break, they will have become "something"..Stay tuned.

Also - wanted to mention the upcoming Quilt show at:

 St Pauls Church - Ipswich.

124 Brisbane St Ipswich
Wednesday 30 April - Sunday 4 May.

9 - 3pm Wed- Saturday and 12 noon - 3pm Sunday
Market Stalls and Sausage Sizzle on Saturday

Crafts for sakle every day
Refreshments and light lunches

Saturday, April 5, 2014

FNWF - April 2014

The first Friday of the month is Friday Night With Friends (usually cyber friends) after a quick meal, it was time to sew - with the TV - Better Homes & Gardens followed by a chic flick "Borrowed", so I glued these and then started sewing them together....

 I didn't quite get it all done.....can finish it at sewing day on Saturday...

After that I traced the stitchery sections of Mrs Beasleys Sampler Block 2 - and added the temporary borders, so I could stitch it as well on Saturday.

Not a good photo and you can hardly see the lines but I did trace!

Then I packed everything ready for the morning.

Saturday was a lovely sewing day - just 4 of us out of a group of 9...but I finished the coaster by joining both sets of hexagons together.

and did some stitching on the sampler block.  Too early for a photo.

Pop over here to see a link up for the other FNWF stitching ladies....

Thanks Cheryll for hosting us once again...