Saturday, December 29, 2012

I've been on a coaster roll

No - not a roller coaster.  I've been making coasters - they are not big enough to call them Mug Rugs and they are just for fun.
In my main patchwork group (LT for short) each year we either give some fabric or make a block for everyone's birthday.  In 2010 we each made "happy blocks" and I chose blue & silver Christmas themes.  I was able to make them into this:  (with a couple of additional blocks). 

At the same time I collected some extra strips and squares to make into coasters.  Finally, I have finished a set to match.

Secondly, I made 2 for my eldest daughter's best friend who got married on 1st December and since her quilt is not quite ready, I thought I would give her a little something to make up for it.

Thirdly, I made a set of 6 for my daughter to match the quilt I made for her wedding I showed it here.

I am on a roll now - I think I should be making some more for us that we can  use everyday...but I had one more Christmas project to start and finish - a machine cover for eldest daughter.  I forgot to take a photo.

Happy New Year everyone.
May 2013 be a fun filled happy & healthy year


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Secret Sewing

In between work and all that other stuff one has to do I have had two "Secret Sewing Projects'.  On Wednesday I met up with my Best Sewing Mate and gave her one of the "Secret Projects"

Earlier in the year we decided we would make each other a cushion for Christmas.  It took me forever to make up my mind about colour, style etc etc.  Finally I had to bite the bullet and actually make something.

Here is my cushion.

I used the decorative stitches on my machine to do the applique.  This year I have been doing a workshop every month using this technique so I thought it was very appropriate for the 2012 cushion.

And here is the one I received - absolutely gorgeous - as her work always is.

and because I have been a good girl all year (???) she also gave me this:

 I am going to make sure I am really really good this year - she might give me a bonus next year too??

Secret Sewing Project #2 is still under wraps but here is a sneak peek.

Oh -  and Best Sewing Mate said I should post a picture of my Christmas nails, so here you are:
Sorry its a bit blurry - must be the rum balls!

Still got lots of things to do before Christmas - we do still have 2 weeks don't we????

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brisbane Bloggers meet - 9th December 2012

Everyone has said it so well.
Another lovely morning (for me) at the Wishing Well Cafe.
It was a perfect opportunity to meet Peg & Dale.

and catch up with all these lovely ladies:

Unfortunately I had to leave before lunch for my KQ Christmas party.  We had a lot of lovely food and some fun games.
Later in the afternoon we presented "W" with a quilt we had made as a group effort.  He keeps an eye out for our "workshop" when we are not there.

I also collected my Birthday blocks.  Everyone had made me a 9 patch block with novelty/funky fabrics.  I intend to add some more and make a has to be finished before next November.
These are the blocks I have collected:

A busy but fun day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Log Cabins Anyone?

Over here, Béatrice is reviewing some work for Fons & Porters and mentioned a free book you can download.  I have only had a quick look at it, but it seems like a vary handy reference for log cabin blocks and some variations.
Pop on over and have a look.
Meanwhile I am trying to finish some "secret" Christmas sewing, so there has not been a lot of blogging happening. 

PS:  this great e-book has a marvellous method for joining the ends of the binding.  I'm sure everyone has their preferred method - but I'm still searching for mine - Maybe this is it.  So download the book and look for Liz’s Lumpless Binding (right at the end).  It worked well for me last night.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

SKOW Completed

This is my finished SKOW quilt

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Favourite Things Quilt

I have posted here (to meet the November deadline) and here (where it all started) but not here..
So here is my completed "My Favourite Things" quilt.
and I did a label (as one should)
I have included a picture of each block (for record keeping purposes) on the "My Favourite Things" page - see the tab at the top..

Now onto those special projects that I cant talk about (yet).