Thursday, December 31, 2020

Last Minute 2020 Finishes

Well - it's only 5.00PM on 31st December 2020 - plenty of time for more finishes???

Mr Adorable Grandson loves Bluey (and Emma from the Wiggles . . )  and I'd been searching for some Bluey fabric - but it's been so popular it's out of stock at Spotlight...but I did see some cotton canvas - for home decor - and thought I could make some felt characters for him to play with - my daughter will be putting up a felt panel to go with the felt boards we had already bought .  . .

So these were created:

But then I thought a new pillow to go with the new bed set for his room..again a Bluey theme...and found an applique machine embroidery pattern . . . .and used a pattern for a "reading pillow" - the pocket on the front holds a book or two - and there is a Bluey book about need to go to the shops to get that as well . . .

and for the last thing, I made a Christmas 2020 decoration to go with the one I made for Christmas  2019.

Can't wait to hand over the Bluey things when the Townsville crew get here for a late Christmas celebration.

Seriously, that is all for 2020.
I'm happy with my tally for the year..hopefully I can achieve as much in 2021.

Wishing everyone 

and as everyone is saying - hopefully 2021 will be better.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

December Finishes - Zippy pouch & sewing hanger

I am trying to be productive during my break from work - a lot of the time before Christmas was used up getting ready for Christmas, so now I'm into the more relaxing bit . .  .

I still have a few things to finish off before DD1, SIL & Mr Adorable Grandson arrive on 5th January.

One of those things is a zippy pouch for Luka - this is to store the felt pieces that belong to some Felt Story Boards I picked up at Aldi a while back.
I switched out the vinyl for mesh fabric..partly to try it - but also if I make another one or two they won't stick together.
and the back

I also made my hanger to match the ones I gifted to the SIMS girls here.

I had included that on my To Do list for 2021, so in some weird way I am ahead of myself!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The 2020 Angel

On reflection, it was likely that the 2020 Angel project would be jeopardised - after the year we have had, it seemed probable ...but that is hindsight.

Each year, I make angels to give to sewing friends and extended family members....roughly 60 - though I try to make a few spare ones in case . . .
Of course, a well-organised person (like myself???) would have the plan in place and be prepared back in say October..maybe...
Well NOT this year (and maybe not as early as that in other years).
(In fact, I just looked ay the Angel page here on my blog - and after the picture of the 2019 version I said "Plan for 2020????????????   Do not leave it til late November to start!!!!!!!!!!! - so obviously I do not learn by my mistakes.)

I had a plan in my head - but no test model done - I started them about the 25th November - and since the first lot had to be ready by December 5th - that wasn't a lot of time.
I had the "pattern", I had the supplies....but the first few took a LOT of time each and weren't very successful.
So, plan was nice - but at an hour + - not feasible.....after all I am working during the day...
So, a desperate Plan C evolved....they still took a bit longer per item than I would have liked but they worked OK.
They are made on my embroidery machine . . .somehow - 
I sewed through my finger - the end of the needle was stuck out through my nail...with thread attached.  (I have resisted adding the photo since everyone has said NO thanks!)

Darn I thought...- oh!! there is some blood - best get a tissue...walked out to DH and said - I have a bit of an injury...he wasn't too keen on pulling it off to the hospital we went...4 hours later - after anesthetic in my finger and boy did that hurt,,,,it was out and I was back home....
The good news? - no blood on the project and the machine is still working fine...
Lesson learnt.
It was my left index finger, so no major impediment - but my arm where the tetanus shot went in was sore for a few days...

And so the 2020 Angel is done.

Merry Christmas to all.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

FNSI - December

The last one for the year - and Wendy has some surprises in store for us next year.

And aren't we all looking forward to 2021!!!

I am now officially on holidays from work - been out for lunch with some friends and then I took one of them patchwork shopping - she is no longer driving so once in a while I chauffeur her around a bit....back home ..take away dinner - and sewing time!

I have been very busy at the machine lately, so really wanted a change tonight.

I received a Thimble Blossoms cross stitch kit for my birthday (here) and although it doesn't need to be finished before next November....I couldn't resist starting . .  .

Once I got going it was very easy  .. unlike most cross stitch patterns, there is not a lot of counting.  I am looking forward to progressing this a bit during my holiday break.

Merry Christmas to you all and a big thanks to Wendy.

Hope you all finish off all those things you wanted to get ready for Christmas - nothing like a deadline!  I am still working on a few things...but it's getting there.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Loose Threads Christmas

The Loose Threads group celebrated Christmas on December 5th.  This year we gathered at my place and everyone brought food.

Our present to each other was a reversible placemat (sound familiar??  I did that in the Sunday Stitchers group too).

Being the hostess I was a bit busy - up and down a lot - and forget to take pictures of all the placemats....but here is the one I made:
One side is sewing themed - the middle block & coaster says "My soul is fed with Needle & Thread"

The other side is Christmassy - the same as the one I did for Sunday Stitchers.
Maureen got mine and she loved it.

This is the one Maureen made - it went to Nolene

This side is oil cloth - perfect in case there is a spill.
This is the one I received - from Nolene

and this one was received by Jan - from Inca

I hope to add to the pictures later on . . . . 

We had a fun day celebrating another year of friendship, sewing & fun.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sunday Stitchers - December

December meeting means Christmas - lunch out - pressies, swap gifts, bonbons

But first, there were two Birthdays.

Helen - our friendly stirrer who challenged us a while back to be NOT BORING.

Here are her gifts:
  • Drawstring bag - approx 12" x 14" (no pic)
  • A treat - hand cream
  • Something that starts with H - the plant whose name I can't remember!
  • Something round - the small magnets
  • Something touchy, feely - the heart-shaped sequin thing - it's actually a child's handbag!!!
  • Something funny - squishy hamburger (a stress ball)

Noela was also due to get her birthday gifts but isn't able to come along at the moment.
Here are her gifts.
I was gifting to Noela and I tried to make it a bit ambiguous.
  • Drawstring bag - approx 12" x 14" 
  • A treat - could be Nuts, Nerds
  • Something that starts with N - could be Novel, Navy yarn, Nuts, Nerds
  • Something round - round button container
  • Something touchy, feely - Navy yarn
  • Something funny - could be the Funny novel, Nerds or even Nobby's Nuts!!!

Then it was into Christmas

We do a bonbon swap.  The bonbon has to contain:
  • a fat quarter
  • a button
  • a treat
  • a Christmas decoration
  • a surprise

This is the one I gave - it went to Sue

This is what I received. - from Sandi

We decided to make reversible placemats for gifts to each other - one side Christmas and the other side for use at SS.
This is the one I made:

This is the one I received - from Marilyn

I love it - the building is a cafe with a Quilt shop above - perfect!...and the coaster is the outdoor table & chairs for the cafe - so clever - thanks heaps Marilyn.

Most of us also give a little present.  As usual, I made angels for everyone:

And I received this treasure trove of goodies. (well. . .not the cup & plate)

They are all lovely gifts - but of special note is my Needle Minder from Maria - she included a note to say Thank you for the bits & pieces I do for her group - Knitting 4 Brisbane's Needy.
(I just feel grateful that I am able to help in a small way.)

Wow!  it was a full-on day . . .in between all the fun - we went across the road for lunch, did Show & Tell and our UFOs, sorted a UFO number for next year...and a few other admin things....

Very happy campers closing out a difficult year - with smiles on our faces and dreams of finishing oodles of projects next year.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

SIMS - Birthday & Christmas


I collected more "loot" for my Birthday at the last SIMS (Susan, Inca, Maureen & Sue) meeting.

Normally I would have received these at our November meeting, but I couldn't attend that day.
This year for gifts we decided to give each other a kit - and the kit needs to be finished by our birthday month meeting in 2021.

My kits are - a Marg Low Christmas decoration (with a house)
A felt embroidered cat pincushion 
and a Thimbleblossom cross stitch pattern with the Aida (it has houses too....LOL)

So, plenty keep me busy
Thanks Maureen, Sue & Inca


And of course, our December Meeting was also to celebrate Christmas.  We don't have any guidelines for presents so it's a surprise when we get something.

From Maureen - a pretty mug with reindeer (and some mini marshmallows) - wrapped in Christmas fabric.
From Inca - a potted succulent, some notebooks and a "treat".
From Sue - a decorated glass, some chocolates, candy cane and the cutest tiniest bear .

I made these hangers - to match the ones I made 2 years ago - here - which said "Yes, I do need all this Fabric"

and I added a container of Nutty Nibble Mix that I make every year.
They seemed to get a kick out of them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Loose Threads - Birthday

The December meeting is the time for me to get my Birthday gifts - we do it early on so we can move into "Christmas" mode.
(The Christmas section of our meeting will wait for another post)

This year we each selected a colour and everyone gave gifts in that colour...Perhaps I made it too challenging by picking Teal - then I said Aqua was close enough . . 

Here are my goodies:

Hopefully I can list it all 

The Sewing /Craft stuff:
Sewing pouch - with Sew embroidered
2 balls of yarn
2 skeins of thread
2 pieces of fabric
1 reel thread
1 piece of felt
Aqua beads - perfect for scissor fobs or maybe zip pulls...
Mini charm pack  (150 2.5" squares...yay!)
The non-sewing / craft stuff
Teal water bottle
Teal food cover   bound with Tula Pink fabric...very special
Teal lunch box
Nail Files in teal colours
Hand towel
Letter "S"
Mint Fudge Kit Kat   (try one - they are delicious)
Paper serviettes
Teal highlightere
Teal pencil sharpener/rubber
Hand painted letter "S"

Very spoilt indeed!!!

Thanks to all my Loose Threads friends who have made the first Saturday of each month a fun time.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

KQ - Christmas 2020

Time for the second sewing Christmas gettogether....I haven't posted about #1 yet as there "might" be stuff that I want to keep hidden for now . . LOL

The KQ group celebrated the end of year / Christmas with lunch at the Tingalpa Hotel.

We had decided (mid-October so not much time to do anything special) for a gift that we would use a gift bag and put the following in it;  a treat, 1 metre of lace, braid, or ribbon, a fat quarter, a reel of thread and a Christmas decoration.   

I gave these:

We did a random draw - and I was so lucky to get my gift from Pat.
She gave me these;

  • An angel decoration
  • Blue/green/purple fabric
  • Purple thread
  • Colourful butterfly braid
  • and my treat - a hand made rope bowl

I suspect that if Pat had known who her gift would go to - she wouldn't have changed anything....I'm very happy with my loot!
(And lunch was excellent too.)

Happy sewing/preparing to everyone.
I'm still in "stress" To Do list is sorted by Date Required.

Back to it!

Friday, December 4, 2020

FNWF - December

Oh oh...the last for the year...and of course I am all up to date and everything is ready . .  .LOL . . .NOT.

I was able to take today off as my Birthday Leave and I spent most of Thursday/Friday working on "Secret Stuff" and getting ready for the first "Christmas" do for the year.

My Saturday group - Loose Threads - are coming to my place so I have an incentive to get some decorations organised and some Secret Stuff done....

No more info on this - but the Thread Angel was looking after me....

I may have got one more "thing" out of this - but I wasn't going to risk it - so this lot has been added to the Thread Bin.  I needed to be out shopping a bit today and have bought more to go on fortuitous that the threads I like are 25% off...

I have not been visiting many blogs lately - and I am sorry about that as I enjoy visiting everyone . . just seems life - work and home is SO busy and the time just disappears....
As a friend of mine said recently "Sleep is overrated"   couldn't agree more - but looking forward to the Christmas break when I can sleep in and I will treat myself to a few days of nothing but reading...well that is the plan.

So, if this is the last time you visit here....Merry Christmas 

and hopefully 2021 will help us all move forward to a more normal world.
I think there is a new "normal" and I am ever so grateful that I live in Australia ...and particularly at the moment in Queensland where we have had only relatively mild disruption to our "normal".
Enough doom & gloom - I'll see you in the New Year.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

November finishes

Not really a lot of finishes for the month - a LOT of WIP - or if it's finished I can't show it yet . . .

Firstly my SS UFO #8 - My Postcards quilt - based on Leanne Beasley's pattern Road Trip.
It's not a good picture and I will update it later on.
I customised a lot of it - I did postcards for places we have visited as a family and added images that reflected something significant from the trip.

For example Noosa - our youngest called the pelicans "ducks"  so I did a pelican.
For the Mornington Penisula - again my youngest - was allergic to all dairy products - so when we found a cafe with a non dairy milk shake we were delighted! - hence a milkshake container for that postcard.

And - whilst on retreat recently - I was able to use my second volunteer leave day from work - to make 10 drawstring bags

and 11 stockings

These will all go to Knitting for Brisbane's Needy - K4BN - the same place that gets the crochet blocks that I make.
My November collection - only 5 blocks.

Since I am not in the car every day for 2 trips in and home from work - my crocheting productivity has dropped significantly...but a few blocks help.

There is a lot of other stuff "in the pipeline" but as normal for this time of the year it's all hush-hush.

Hopefully, December's roundup will have "heaps".