Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Loose Threads Christmas

The Loose Threads group celebrated Christmas on December 5th.  This year we gathered at my place and everyone brought food.

Our present to each other was a reversible placemat (sound familiar??  I did that in the Sunday Stitchers group too).

Being the hostess I was a bit busy - up and down a lot - and forget to take pictures of all the placemats....but here is the one I made:
One side is sewing themed - the middle block & coaster says "My soul is fed with Needle & Thread"

The other side is Christmassy - the same as the one I did for Sunday Stitchers.
Maureen got mine and she loved it.

This is the one Maureen made - it went to Nolene

This side is oil cloth - perfect in case there is a spill.
This is the one I received - from Nolene

and this one was received by Jan - from Inca

I hope to add to the pictures later on . . . . 

We had a fun day celebrating another year of friendship, sewing & fun.


Janice said...

It sounds like you had a fun day. The swap idea of a reversible placemat is great.

Michelle Ridgway said...

The swap was a great idea.....some lovely work! I loved ours. Also love your string of decorations xx

Fiona said...

lovely useful gifts and I lovw the way you have strung up your ornies....

Bethan said...

Reversible placemats sound like a great idea - I love the ones you have been able to show x

Susan said...

Just love the banner, its such a nice idea for all those small projects for Christmas!!!!