Thursday, May 31, 2018

Final May Finish - Sew Together Bag

I have made 3 of these Sew Together Bags and thought it was time for one for me.  I do like my sewing things to be "matchy matchy" ....usually...but was very tempted by some Tula Pink fabrics I picked up in Victoria last year (I think), so I used them - added a couple - got some very colourful zips and here it is:

I have to say that each one you make gets easier.....It's not really difficult but you do need to stay alert when you are making the inside pockets.


  1. Looks great Susan..
    Oh yes you do need to be careful as I sewed the wrong piece and had to do some reverse sewing.

  2. Hi Susan what a beautiful bag ,love it in tula pink,gorgeous finish my friend xx

  3. Of course you needed one for yourself... well done xox

  4. Oh of course you need one for yourself... looks great Susan... I think I need to make one as a winter challenge to myself. Those fabrics are gorgeous!

  5. Your bag looks great Susan...good on you finally making one for yourself!

  6. so often we don't make for ourselves... those bags hold so much...

  7. They are so worth the effort. I’m like you, made them as gifts but not for me. I love your fabric choice. I bet it won’t take long to fill it up.


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