Sunday, November 26, 2023

Needle Girls Retreat @ Glenrose - Part 2

Now for the more serious part of the retreat...after the silliness of the challenge.

For three years now we have had a stocking swap at retreat.  We started with a Nancy Halvorsen pattern and for the last 2 years, we used a design from her set of patterns.  There are 12 in total so there is a fair bit of choice.

Last year I suggested we could stay with the same shape - but maybe do a different design - everyone was happy with that idea.

This year I made this stocking - using a machine embroidery design - it went to Lynda.

I received this one - from Nor.  I love the dimensional look.

This is the collection of stockings

My first priority was to make the last two blocks for My Kinda Town.

Here are all the blocks together - there are some "filler" bits needed.
I have to say I do not know why the blocks weren't designed with the "filler" bits added.  Not all blocks need extra bits...It's a bit annoying...but I will sort it due course.

Overall, I'm very happy with it.  

My second project was for DD1.  She had asked me - a while back - to make a cover for her Cricut...She lives in Townsville and I don't have one, so found a pattern - got some measurements, and made this one.   Bit boring in white!!   The pockets I added are too short to hold the things she wants to put in them, so we will call this one the prototype!!

Then I moved onto working on the RSC I Spy blocks for 2023.   I didn't get very far, but did get the borders onto 3 sets.  There are a gazillion 3.5" squares to go around these blocks....

What the others did:

This is a top made by De - the Daisy Queen
and a bag made by Sandi
De also put this top together.  Very effective with just squares.
Nor worked on these blocks for a quilt - featuring sewing notions.  I missed a few of the blocks - one is a sewing machine and another one is an iron.

Sandi worked on several Lori Holt blocks

Chooky worked on a few projects simultaneously - the ones on the left for Chapel Street and the ones on the right for Starburst.

I am also planning on making Chapel Street and we have been sharing fabrics where possible.   I had a stash of Kaffe Fassets and Tula Pinks which I took, so she cut pieces from those fabrics - kindly cutting mine at the same time.

There was a lot of laughing, chatting, solving problems (???), eating, some shopping.

It is always a fun time with these girls.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Needle Girls Retreat @ Glenrose - Challenge Projects

My last retreat for the year!!!

2023 has been full of retreats - in many ways, it's good that I no longer work, as I would have run out of leave days!

We arrive late afternoon on Sunday - so we plan take away for dinner.  Charcy's never fails us!
The menu is extensive - burgers, fish & lots of extras!

I settled for a bacon and egg roll with sweet potato scallops.  Doesn't look exciting but it tasted good!

At the last retreat we had a challenge project - to make a zippy pouch and Sandi kindly stitched out a logo for us to incorporate. She gave us some spares too.  The original pouch is here.

At that retreat, Mdm Organiser (aka Sandi) - challenged us to make something to go with our zippy pouch for 2023.
That's easy I said to myself as I had plenty of fabric and I AM a matchy-matchy sort of person....(I may have acquired a bit more of the fabric - in case - during the year too.)

When I went on a retreat in March - as no one in that group also attends this retreat, I made 7 things.  Things that I use at a retreat - Sewing Tidy, Foot pedal mat, Scrap bucket, Bag for a thread stand, Snappy pouch for the rotary cutter/s, 2 coasters (one wine, one coffee??), Bag for charging cables and plugs, 

I thought that was plenty of things . . . .no number had been mentioned....

BUT . . . in our chat group, someone indicated that "someone else (aka Mdm Organiser)" had made 12 things . . .so the challenge was on!!!

In September I was on yet another retreat - and we had a mystery project (it ended up being a square bag) - so I did it in matching fabrics...well...why not??   And I found a pattern in the shop for a small container that I wanted to try and made that in matching fabrics.....There were two small rectangles cut out of the shape so I turned that into a pincushion. . . .

One of the ladies had a cute little needle case, so I made one of them too.

And I added a tag to the square bag.

So, that was another 5 things, but I still had ideas for more.

Total = 12

October I added more things:

I made a Design Board and Sewing Machine mat
I decorated a green Yazzi bag for threads.
I painted 2 boxes and added trims - one for my walking foot and one for my machine feet.
Since the paintbrush was wet and there was a pencil just lying around - it got painted and decorated too!
Then I spied the little pincushion thing that can sit on top of my machine - which I don't use at home - it was got sucked into the plan and now it's green!
and I already had a little bag made in the green spot - so it may as well get counted!  (or is that cheating????  LOL)


So, that is another 8 = 20

I did not ever plan on overdoing it...but when the challenge red flag is waved . . well...I just have to bite!!!

Fortunately, Mdm Organiser is still talking to me!!!

Here are some of the things the other girls made:


De - I loved her spool to use as a scissor stand!
Sandi - she was determined to use up all the fabric that she had.

It was fun - next year's challenge will be simpler!

Saturday, November 18, 2023

FNSI - November

I've been on Retreat this week - post/s coming!
So, tonight I settled on some cross-stitching for a change.

My starting point:

and where I got to . . . .

Although I'd like to get this building done before 8th December, when the next one is released . . .it may not happen!

Thanks, Wendy & cyber friends for the company.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

SIMS Birthdays 2023

I am the lucky last to have a birthday in our SIMS group.

We met at my place for some nibbles and sewing, then off to one of the local clubs for lunch.

At home - with coffee and cake - I received my nature-themed postcards:

Sue included a ladybird, a cat, flowers, a bird, clouds and the sun.

Maureen included fuchsias (that have stitched stamens with beads added).  They are one of my favourite flowers and some lovely decorative stitching.
and tucked in there is special selvedge - it says:

"If nothing changed, there'd be no butterflies."

Since then I have received one from Inca - this one is very special.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Meg's Baby #2 Quilt

I have finished a baby quilt for DD2's Cousin-in Law (is that a "thing"?) amd was able to gift it today.

I found the border fabric in the new Patchwork shop in Coonabarabran on my way to Scrub Stitchin' at Baradine earlier in the year.  It is so lovely...I couldn't resist it!!! (and the yellow spot fabric.)

The backing has Australian Animals and is also very cute.

and a taggie 

These are for her second baby- Spencer.

I thought I was having a rest from baby quilts for DD's "in Law" family . .but no . . seems more will be needed about April....plenty of time!.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

FNWF - November

I am lagging behind a bit - I did join Cheryll & cyber friends for FNWF and worked on this colourful little thing!

A while back I bought a set of orange square rulers... They're designed to be able to cut squares when you have many layers of applique or trims/buttons etc.

BUT - how to hang them on my peg bard???

Solution - a zippy pouch with handles!  I still need to finish off the binding. . but just about done!

Thanks Cheryll and all you crafty / sewing friends!