Monday, August 27, 2018

August Finishes

This month's tally of crocheted blocks:  12

My #3 UFO for Sunday Stitchers:  Finally framed "Pretty Little Sydney".  It has been languishing in the "To Do" pile for a while ....It was almost finished September 2016.

And a dolly quilt for a friend - a very quick project.

Friday, August 17, 2018

FNSI - August

Well, I am on leave from work - I should have had a very productive day....but you know how it is when you have plenty of time - you get nothing done!!!
I did make a quick trip to a patchwork fat quarter purchased...and I did finish my book....but not much else...during the day.

Tonight - with FNSI to motivate me - I did some tracing ready to sew on Sunday - I printed off the August Gail Pan stitcheries - only to discover I hadn't even traced the July now I'm up to date and plenty to sew on Sunday and at night.

I hope everyone else was a bit more productive.  Thanks Wendy for the kick in he butt motivation!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Retreat Day 4

And today we have:
Inca's Leaders & Enders Charity Quilt top

Louise's Bread basket
 Alison's Jelly Roll Quilt #1
 & #2

Maureen's Tilda blocks from Tula Pink's 100 modern quilt blocks

Finally something from me - Jingle All the Way Quilt top with one star block to go
 Another dress from Erica

 Maureen's Table topper
 Cheryl's crochet rug
Belle & Pearl - these girls go on one yearly outing.

Most of my time here has been spent machine blanket stitching these blocks...still a way to go - but I've made good progress.

 Just a few hours of sewing on Tuesday ....then sadly we wait 12 months to return.

Retreat Day 3

Inca's placemats

Alison's bag

Inca's cushion cover 

Nolene's Jelly roll quilt

Hilda's Anzac Quilt top

More dresses from Erica

Maureen's table runner top

My Ruth's Quilt

One of the blocks I personalised

And the tally board:

Still Monday and some of Tuesday to go!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Retreat Day 2

Here are some finishes for Day 2:

Inca makes a bag every retreat.   This is the 2018 version:
Louise made a peg apron:
Maureen's table runner:
Another dress from Erica:
Sue's twister heart quilt:
Maureen's Four Pocket Pouch:

And the tally board:

I am sewing.....but it's all "in progress" so no pics yet.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Retreat Day1

Here we are - ready for another sewing marathon!!
Our project board - there are a few optimistic high achievers!!

The first finish of the day - a quilt top for  a baby.   I love the secondary pattern of the blue.
Erica with her second finish - a top for one of her grandchildren

 Alison's  finished small quilt top
 Maureen's table runner:
 Cheryl's hankies for DH
 Another top from Erica
 Inca's baby quilt
 Bev's quilt top - queen size!
 Sue's finished quilt top
 Alison's cushions
I may have missed a few - but we are all heads down - working away!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Retreat Time is almost here

Every August the Loose Threads group head off to retreat at Mt Alford. 
These days - as we have to have a minimum of 12 - we invite some friends to tag along.  Some years - like this one - some of the "founding members" are not joining us for various reasons....but sew, laugh, chat, eat and maybe carry on a bit - we will!!!

Naturally, preparations have been in place for a while - well in  my case "the list" has been created, scrawled on, mislaid, re written any number of times - but it is now set in concrete (well in ink) and recorded in my "Retreat' notebook.  This is the list.

This is the collection of "stuff" - the projects anyway.

The sewing gear is organised, but I'm not packing it up yet - I still have time to sew before loading the car.  Whether or not I do is questionable.

I love getting away to sew - even if it is just a day - but for 5 days - oh - wonderful!!!!

I'm lucky to be able to go to more than one retreat - but this one is very special.  This is our 12th year but some of us have been going to a retreat since 2003.

The countdown has been going for a while - but tonight (Monday) it's only

3 sleeps

Image result for emoji excited

Friday, August 3, 2018

FNWF - August

A great way to finish off the working week - a cyber sewing party!!

I made another taggie for a friend of DD1 - it took me a few attempts to get one that looked OK enough to gift - it is obvious that I am no good with 2 layers of minkee so its one minkee and one flannel going forward.   I've also been told that the ribbons I was using frayed very quickly - so not more of that stuff - now using the grainier ones and lots of ric rac.

I love this minkee I picked up recently at half price.

I also prepped two pieced blocks for my Jingle All the Way quilt - I hope to work on that when I'm on retreat....7 sleeps to go!!   (and only 3 work days....)

I have a sewing day tomorrow (Saturday) as well, so more sewing is on the horizon.
Thanks Cheryl for hosting us again - no matter where you  are at the moment!!