Sunday, July 1, 2018


Two finishes for me this month.

Baby Quilt

I have made this for a work colleague - I used some fabric I found in Townsville last December, added a border and some machine embroidered alphabet blocks and 4 patches.

The backing & binding - animal sounds - sadly not for the animals on the front but a fun print.

Cross Stitched Beach House

I purchased this at the last craft show in Brisbane (OMGosh - that was 7th June - this month!!!!) - that must be some sort of record for a quick start & finish!

This is now on the wall of the "powder room" with some of the other smaller beach house decorations.

There are more pictures of that room here.  (Yes - its all a bit different to the norm!)

Thanks Peg & Kris for continuing OPAM and giving us incentive to finish and show case our work!


  1. Wacky do, something else for me to look at when I am using your powder room. Looks so cute and love the baby quilt too. Well done.

  2. Great projects welldone for the month.. ....

  3. 😮wow very nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Great finishes....I like an interesting loo....

  5. lovely finishes, such a happy quilt and I just love the little to go and look at the others, I don't remember them

  6. Such a bright happy quilt Susan.
    Cute beach house cross stitch.

  7. Hi Susan beautiful finishes my friend ,well done,love the little beach houses xx

  8. What a beautiful baby quilt - I am always a fan of some funky backing to go with it! x

  9. Love the baby quilt and the backing is perfect! The houses are soooo cute!! xx

  10. Great finishes, love the baby quilt and those little beach houses are so cute.

  11. I love the colourful baby quilt, it will be loved. Oh I have been having these issues with BLOGGER too, what a nuisance it is....


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