Thursday, March 26, 2020

Jingle All the Way

The Sunday Stitchers UFO Challenge was #1 for March.  So out came Jingle All the Way.

This is a machine embroidery design from Kimberbell.

I started this at my local quilt shop in January 2018. I had it almost done in August 2018 (missing a block and the borders)......but once home from retreat, it went back into the “black hole”.

But now the top is done, so sometime I will need to think about quilting it.....or having it quilted.....

When the embellishments are on I will do some close ups.  
There are lights on the houses, bows on the presents..... 

I really like the snow globes...

Like everyone, my world has changed.
On the plus side;
I still have a job, I can/must work from home, so no need to get dressed in work clothes....though I do NOT stay in PJs all day.
I can either work longer hours   OR spend commute time sewing or walking the dog.
Dog is loving me being home all the time.
No friends or family have been affected health wise or job wise

On the negative side;
shopping is so much harder
sewing gigs are cancelled
hairdresser and beautician are closed (on the plus side I save $$$$$)
the economy will go down the tubes and it will be a long time til we recover

This is not the place to get into the "what ifs" etc . . .just my take on it for now.

I do have more sewing time and am busily working on my #2 for Sunday Stitchers and will have it ready by the Due Date...and won't show it before that.  

I am also getting through a lot of crocheting so will have a huge bag full to handover when I can.

Stay Safe
Stay Home
Wash your hands

Elbows to all

Saturday, March 21, 2020

FNSI - March

Not a very productive night really . .  .but a bit of crochet

same yarn as before - but one ball was not enough for 3 blocks, so I bought another , but that of course still didn't complete 6 blocks, so I just gave up and bought 5 (for $10, cheaper than $2.50 a single ball), so you will continue to see more of these....I love the colour.
I think Teal is my new favourite colour!!!

and a bit of stitching

and they are both  . . .sort of . . .related to green-though its hard to tell this is a minty green colour. (as promised Wendy!!!!)

Maybe you were more productive???

op over here to look up the others.

I think cyber sewing will be a way of life for a while.    😒

Friday, March 6, 2020

FNWF - March

As is often the case, a quick and easy meal for dinner.  Then watching Better Homes & Gardens.  I started off a new crochet block.

Then into SSS....I am trying to get my #1 project for Sunday Stitchers UFO list done, so added in the last 2 blocks to the top, and prepared both borders.....Too late in the night to iron and measure and cut and sew etc.....but it’s ready for Saturday night sewing. (hopefuly)

I hope you were all happy and as productive as possible.

Many thanks to Cheryll for encouraging us. Pop over here to catch up with the others.

I have a bonanza weekend of sewing - time for the first Saturday group 
and the second Sunday group.
It's hard to fit in domestics like grocery shopping. Thankfully, shops are open til late on Saturday nights these days.
Wonder if I will be able to buy toilet paper?