Saturday, January 27, 2024

Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge - #6 - Maureen's Bag/Wallet

When the Chookshed Stitchers talked about this challenge - a few decided that Project #6 (the first number drawn) should be the bag that was the project at Scrub Stitchin' 2023.  When I wrote up/revised my list, I thought I should concentrate on the things that needed to be done - rather than the "want to do" projects, so I substituted a bag that I had promised to make for bestie Maureen.
She saw a wallet at a craft  show. . . ."I can make that for you"  I said.
She provided the fabrics and zips etc . . . .


It is a machine embroidery design - so you make each section using the embroidery machine and then put it together using a normal sewing machine. It's a Sweet Pea design and they kindly provide videos to show you how to do it . . well how the very expert sewer does it.
The guy making it in the video referred to is as a"substantial" project - especially when turning it back the right way . . .I think he meant "challenging:...LOL.   He also mentioned that a particular bit may produce "some vocabulary".   It did ...and two broken needles.

Anyway, every day is a learning day, and I doubt very much if I will make another one.  Maureen suggested a strap for it too - so we will discuss that and see how it could work.

Happy to be on time for the Chookshed Challange . . . 
wonder what the next number will be???

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

RSC - January

I pondered whether or not to join Angela for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2024....So many projects on my To Do lists...but also a LOT of fabric that needs to be used. 

Then I saw Janice's post and decided "Fishy Business" would be a fun project for the year and would make a good charity quilt at the end.  (I can also take advantage of the fact that Janice has worked out that we need two fish each month and a couple of spares...LOL)

The pattern is available here.

This is the quilt from the designer.

I decided the backgrounds could be all light-coloured blue/green tones - and I would use Bali fabrics for the fish in the colours given out for RSC.

The colour for January is dark and bright green and here are my January Fish.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Sunday Stitchers - January - UFO Challenge #9

At Sunday Stitchers, some of us have decided to re-instate the UFO Challenge list, to help us get things done...This year some of my UFO Challenge projects are "make progress on"...and I decided that means - spending at least 2 days working on the project.

The project for January was #9 - which is "Three vases - cross stitch".

Many years ago - in my early cross stitch days...a friend and I decided to make a set of three cross stitches.  They featured vases of flowers.  I did one...if you can see the date... it's 85...almost 40 years ago.....[....hanging head.....].     I did the second one . . .some time . . . . and then, sort of recently (ie less than 5 years ago)  I worked on the third one.

Here are the two that are done.

Here is how the third one looked at the beginning of January 2024

I have spent two days of sewing group time on it...and got to this point.
I am at the stage where it is no longer good for social sewing days.

I will get there - but obviously, my patience level has dropped over time as I am finding the back stitching of the flowers especially tedious.   My goal is to finish and frame them all by the end of 2025.

It's back in the cupboard for now.   Concentrating on Project #9...hopefully a finished top.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

FNSI - January

Another year has started for FNSI - thanks Wendy for continuing at least makes me write a blog post!

I was out sewing today - working on a detailed cross stitch, so decided I'd give it a break and work on a simpler cross stitch project instead.

This is the last in the LIttle Summer Shops BOM that I joined.   They have been fun to stitch, though I am happy to see the end of them.

This is an Ice Cream Shop.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable night - and mostly you were productive!

Saturday, January 6, 2024

FNWF - January

A new year - but feeling comfortable getting back into the swing of Friday Night With Friends.

I had been with one of my sewing groups during the day, so had a full day of sewing.
Daytime I worked on an old cross stitch project...this is my SS #9 Challenge project - I have a set of 3 cross stitches of vases of flowers.   Two are done.....really want to finish this one.   The Challenge for the month is to make progress on it - so I decided that I would set aside 2 days to work on it.

Here is the starting point 

and where I got to

At night time I did a bit of crochet....

And then I started quilting the skies of the houses in my Homegrown Quilt.  This project has a "Finish" date of 21st it is a major focus at the moment.   More work on it over the weekend.

I wasn't sure if I would continue doing blog posts for FNWF (& FNSI), but it seems a lot of people are still doing it, so I will carry on for another year.   I do find it is a great record of my projects.

Thanks Cheryll for continuing on - thanks everyone for your company.

Monday, January 1, 2024

Hanging Towels (5)

DD1 asked me for some hanging towels for Christmas ...I bought towels and had two tea towels that I had the toppers for, but weren't finished.  I didn't get to them before Christmas, but wanted to finish them before she heads off to Townsville again...(Postage costs!!!)
So, she had the opportunity to go through some of my fabrics to choose what she liked....and spied some fabric that would be perfect for a friend - so another towel to be made....LOL

The towels I bought were very thick, so I decided on a different method for them - the idea of trying to gather them wasn't appealing....

I also found a new free pattern for the "retro look" one for the friend.

So, my first 5 projects for the year - and they weren't even on the To Do Lists.

Happy New Year to everyone - hoping for Peace everywhere, good Health & Happiness.