Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Welcome to the North Pole

Finally finished!!!

I started this one in January 2014 - here

I made the blocks - I had a lot of fun picking fabrics to match the theme of the house - (including some I changed) - naturally that involved some shopping . . .- so mostly they are added to my collection of novelty fabrics.
I made one of the buildings a post office - after all Santa's mail has to be delivered - but could not find a fabric with stamps on it so resorted to flags.
I made a Coffee shop - a cafe - DD2 suggested that I make it look like a coffee mug.

I begged a few fabrics - particularly the flying reindeer, the Sled Shed, the cute cartoony reindeer and the Laurel Birch reindeer..

Gradually - in between other things - I worked on it

I finally got around to adding the snowy ground and bt December 2015 it was all together - here.
Thanks to Fiona (BubzRugz) for the idea of using braids etc for the roofs.

Sometime after that I ditch quilted the blocks....and it sat waiting.... again
I have more photos on my "North Pole" page - here.

Then we started the SS Challenge and I added this as #4 (The project for July)

So - I had to finish it.   I have used the Monster Machine (embroidery unit) to stitch some stars in the background.   I added a variety of doo-dads & buttons that I have been collecting over the years.
The lights on Sled Shed were given to me by Debbie (ex Sunday Stitchers) and they came all the way from Texas (US).
I have more buttons etc that I can/will add - but for now it's "DONE"


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Sewing - Geelong cushion & string blocks

Today was Group #2 sewing day - KQ Girls

I took along the remaining 3 blocks (of 9) to prepare ready for sewing at retreat... I didn't take any photos of them -  but they are now safely tucked away in the gorgeous block holder I received as a Christmas present last year - and fortunately it is the perfect size.

Then I made this cushion - DH is a Geelong supporter, so when Spotlight advertised this fabric I thought I could make a cushion (at least) to show that sewing is not ALL about me. 

Then - spare time!!!  - I helped one of the other decorate a piece of fabric that she was using in an alphabet book as a pair of jeans (did 2 of them) and I did have my crochet but thought I would dig out some of the scraps we have accumulated over our years at this venue - and I knew there was a bag with pre cut strips .....so I made these up:

I'm not sure where they will end up yet but I'm sure they will be used.

Fabulous sewing weekend for me - I hope you got some time to sew or do what ever makes you happy.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

FNSI - July

I did do some sewing stuff on Friday night - bits & pieces...mostly not picture worthy.

I did finish off a new scrap bucket and needle folder - nothing special - but it's now stashed away in the matching zippy pouch.

I will be on retreat soon (did I hear someone say 20 sleeps????) and I plan to do a lot of machine blanket stitch applique - so I thought I'd prepare some samples of the different stitches and test the threads - deciding if I need stabilizer as well (I've decided no on that issue).

So, nothing much to show...a few secret bits & pieces happening......

Thanks Wendy as always....great to have the incentive to sew and then to blog.

Monday, July 16, 2018

K4BN (Knitting for Brisbane's Needy)

or in my case C4BN - Crocheting for Brisbane's Needy.

I've been knitting and crocheting blocks for a long time now - to hand over to Maria who - along with a very generous band of workers - make blankets for the cold poor people in Brisbane.

Really I have no idea of how many I have given her - but I would guess at least 100.

I have decided to keep a tally here - just for curiosity's sake.
I don't really like sitting and doing nothing with my hands - usually I would be sewing while watching TV - but sewing is not always easy to do - so that's when I crochet.
I crochet on the way to and from work (I am the passenger not the driver), I crochet at the hairdressers, or whilst having a pedicure, whilst waiting for appointments and there may be a few other times when my mind is busy listening, but my hands are idle . . . .(I'll leave you to work that one out.)   I buy the cheaper 8 ply yarns   - usually acrylic at Spotlight or the Discount shops - as long as it is soft to the feel.

K4BN has a never ending requirement for red black & yellow - so I often use those colours - but every so often I get bored with that and pick up a "pretty" colour - or two.

My tally for the July handover - 13

Here is a photo of a blanket put together by Maria using some of my blocks and some made by others:
Image may contain: living room and indoor

Saturday, July 7, 2018

FNWF - July

Cyber sewing time again - thanks Cheryll for hosting us again!!

I did do some secret sewing and some preparation for my upcoming retreat (34 sleeps - who's counting???) and today - being the first Saturday of the month was a Loose Threads sewing day - I continued to work on these - a new tag for Ruth's Quilt (Scrub Stitchin') and some of the blocks for the Gail Pan i Stitch club project.

I also wanted to show these - These are unofficially called "taggies" - though I believe that is a brand name - the idea being that babies will feel them and play with the different textures and this can help soothe them.  They are also good for older children on the autism scale.

Hope everyone had a fun productive time - and maybe you were able to keep on sewing all weekend!

Sunday, July 1, 2018


Two finishes for me this month.

Baby Quilt

I have made this for a work colleague - I used some fabric I found in Townsville last December, added a border and some machine embroidered alphabet blocks and 4 patches.

The backing & binding - animal sounds - sadly not for the animals on the front but a fun print.

Cross Stitched Beach House

I purchased this at the last craft show in Brisbane (OMGosh - that was 7th June - this month!!!!) - that must be some sort of record for a quick start & finish!

This is now on the wall of the "powder room" with some of the other smaller beach house decorations.

There are more pictures of that room here.  (Yes - its all a bit different to the norm!)

Thanks Peg & Kris for continuing OPAM and giving us incentive to finish and show case our work!