Monday, December 20, 2021

Christmas Celebrations


Long post - and mainly for my "record-keeping"

Loose Threads

First Saturday in December my Saturday group - Loose Threads celebrated Christmas & the end of another year of sewing & fun.

At the beginning of the year, we decided to gift each other a small bowl with three things in it. - I find it very difficult when it can be anything - give me a list and that is easy!

My gift was a small shallow bowl and I glued magnets to the bottom so it could be used as a pin tray. - some pins to go in it , one chocolate treat, some quilting pins and a scratchie.   (I forgot to take a picture!!! DUH!!!)

I received this one.  The bowl is red & green - perfect for Christmas and inside was a set of nail files to keep in my handbag, a pretty small round tin and a roll of ribbon (perfect for the baby taggies I make).

KQ Girls

First Sunday:  This is a Sunday Group I havebeen going to for years - the group has dwindled somewhat from its original inception - and we no longer have a free place to meet in.  Over the years we have been very fortunate to have had space where we can keep supplies and meet whenever - and at no cost...So, sadly this Christmas - End of Year celebration is the last one.  We may re convene in another form sometime . . who knows???

We decided to do a random fat quarter swap.  I put this one into the draw
and got this one in return....Very good for some sewing projects.  (and of course it has my initials)

There were also a few gifts:

Square tin with buttons, thread and tiny fabric squares - Pat
Tree shaped tin - thread and yo-yos - Hilda
Tree bag & Serviette holder - Bev.

Sunday Stitchers

Second Sunday was Sunday Stitchers Christmas & End of Year celebration.  This is a bigger group - so there is a lot more fun - and of course gift giving.

For a few years now, we have had a bonbon to stuff full and then share with the others -  we do a random number draw on the day.

I filled mine with this: - a Fat quarter, a treat - Baileys chocolate bonbon, a skein of thread, a decoration and a surprise (the scratchie)!
Sandi received mine.

Here is the one I received - from Alison, I love the pink fabric - it may find its way to Peyton sometime.

We also did a tea towel and spatula swap - I did a machine embroidery stitchy bit on the tea towel and added a kangaroo spatula.

I received this one from Lynda - her spatula came with a matching cookie cutter!   Very clever idea.  The tea towel is fabulous - very good quality...(but too nice to

And as with most groups - there were plenty of small gifts.
(sort of left to right)

Button tree - Cheryl
Small Serviette holder - Sandi , Helen & Norreen
Santa decoration - Marilyn
Lip Balm holder - De
Pin Cushion - Juanita
Owl Hand Sanitsier Holder - Anita
Knitted decoration - Maria
Choclate in a tiny box - Sandi
Fabric Star - Sue
Santa decoration - Alison
Card with a packet of machine needles - Lynda


This is a small group that meets once a month.

This year I made pincushions from selvages and added a Needle Minder.

The bottom ones are the ones I gifted.  I made the "Wildlife Art" for myself.

And of course, there were gifts received!!!

Stocking - filled with a cute tin of candy and some chocolates from Inca
Rectangular plate, threads and fabric - sewing & Christmassy from Maureen
Buttons, square dish with a beach house, a fabric sushi roll, a Nutrimetics mirrored and a fabric star from Sue
See that rectangle of Christmassy fabric??? our "Challenge" for next year - is to make something including that piece of fabric.  It can be anything - a bag, a tea towel, a postcard, anything.  Next Christmas meeting we will do a random draw and get a surprise!

In each group, I gave everyone a 2021 Angel

That is all the groups sorted - now I need to focus on family gifts - by the time this is posted - hopefully, I will have done most of the gift shopping - but to make it a bit easier - we have all listed some options on an App called - Giftser and DD2 has some Gifting Rules - Something they need, Something they want, Something to wear and something to read.   I think it's designed to stop grandparents from getting carried away!!! LOL...who me???

It's always a rush at the end of the year - for me anyway...maybe next year I will be organised??  probably not!

Seriously looking forward to post Christmas Day and I can relax a bit.

Merry Christmas to all (again for many of you!)


Fiona said...

You did well with the gifts, I find it very hard deciding on things to make for others....
I can't imagine you going overboard with grandies! why would they suggest it????



Pink Rose said...

Hi Susan just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year x

Lin said...

Lots of lovely gifts - given and received. What fun you have had.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas - and havn't gone OTT with the grandies! xx

Jeanette said...

Lovely gifts given & received. Merry Christmas. Hugs, xx

kiwikid said...

You have had a wonderful exchange of Xmas goodies, quilters are so clever.
I think you can do what you like when it comes to the grandies (says she who does not have any!!)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

jude's page said...

What a great range of gifts to swap, some great ideas there. Merry Christmas

Chookyblue...... said...

sad that's the end of your group.....unless it evolves but doesn't sound positive.....
looks like you have had some wonderful Christmas celebrations......
thankyou for my angel......