Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sunday Stitchers UFO List #6

As the year draws to a close, we take time to reflect on our achievements.. for the year....
(let's gloss over our non achievements).
[waffle waffle]   But we do have a month to go!!!

De proposed a Sunday Stitchers UFO Challenge for the year. Most of us created a list of 12 things that we wanted to "get done" - it didn't have to be a finish - it could be as simple as "work on XXXX"
Most of us have joined in enthusiastically and even if we didn't always do what ever it was that we were "supposed" to do - we all celebrated our achievements.

I am pretty happy with my progress - December's number is 11 and I am almost guaranteed to have that one finished by our next meeting.   So, I have one failure...#5.... It might go on next year's list - or maybe I will get it done over the Christmas break....we will have to wait & see.

November's number was 6 - this is my Mrs Beasley's Sampler - which as some of you know was a very long drawn out story...I started this about January 2014 and was finally able to start the 4th block in January 2017.

Now its quilted (lightly) and I can say "It's Done"...yay

and some close ups - I ditched most of the blocks 
and then added some machine embroidery 

I used a feather stitch on my machine to applique the dresden plates

The colours are so soft & pretty - I'm glad to have it done and although it was very disappointing to have to wait for so long to get the rest of the pattern (and there was no communication to explain or apologise)...I do love it.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

FNSI - November - Part 2

Wendy decided to have two FNSI this month - she realises most of us are very busy with those Christmas projects...that we should have started MUCH earlier...

I couldn't join in last week - but tonight I was able to join....I can't show much - "secret stuff"  but I worked a bit with this stuff:

I am sure you are all better organised than me - I have quite a list to get through - I had to write the deadline dates against everything so I could prioritise!!

Oh well...it will get done ...it always does.

Thanks Wendy - Thanks everyone else for your company - the motivation I need sometimes!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Stitchers - November

Another Sunday Stitchers meeting on Sunday - the usual frivolity, chatting, sewing etc.

We had decided a while back that we would make some drawstring bags and fill them with toiletries for the needy.
Today was the day to bring them in and Alison filled them with the purchases made last month - things like tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, razors, deodorant etc...

This is the result of all that activity:

My bag was this one:

As usual I had a collection of crocheted squares - only 8 this time...it's been a busy month!

It is my Birthday month so I had a fun pile of presents to open.  We give an idea of what we would like and this year my requests were: 
Scraps - anything - big enough to cut a 2.5" square
Fat quarters - pale colours (greys, blues etc) for stitcheries OR Floral prints like Kaffe Fasset

I collected big time ...so many scraps. strips to cut 2.5" squares (the box on the top right is full of fabric to cut up), lovely stitchery pieces and gorgeous very colorful florals... I do have a plan for them....next year hopefully!

Cheryl adds in an extra - this year it is a gadget for squeezing the last drop out of a tube - it is that orange thing  - it is already on my toothpaste tube!
And Marilyn gifted me a badge - "Old crocheters never die - they just keep on hooking" - I love it - it is already on my Diva quilt.
Thank you to everyone in SS - I really appreciate your generosity.

I will do a separate post for the UFO CHallenge later.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Glenrose Retreat 2018

I have just had a week away with a mad bunch of ladies.  This retreat at Glenrose Patchwork is quite different to the one I do in August...but I still try to be prepped well and I try to make the most of the time away - that means late nights and not too much sleeping in.

I had a list of "To Dos" and was able to achieve almost all of it.
I've had to block out one - it's a secret project  - quite a time consuming one - I didn't finish it - I didn't expect to - but I made a lot of progress on it.

Here are a couple of finishes:

A small wall hanging with a stitchery from Natalie Bird.
(The stitchery was completed ages ago.)

I runner/topper for a set of drawers in our family room:

This one was an unplanned project.  This retreat is held at a Patchwork shop - very dangerous to the wallet!!!!    Quite a few of us made these reading pillows - the front of the pillow has a large pocket and you can add a few books and give it as a gift.
I fell in love with this greeny tree fabric and have a purpose for it early next year, so figured I would join in the fun.  It was very quick to make, just need a pillow now.

Another project I "finished" was to add the borders to my Holly Cottage Christmas Quilt.   I started this quilt as part of a Stitch-a-Long hosted by Fiona over here.
The quilt is designed by Michelle Ridgway and I have made many changes to her pattern.  I am sure she may want to thump me - but this is for my eldest daughter and she had a few requests - so the blocks got changed around a bit and we minimised the detail.  As much as the original design is gorgeous - I wanted this quilt to be for DD1. 
To take the photo I pinned it to a quilt on the wall - so ignore the blue and pink on the outer.  It stops at the bauble border.   I will be getting this quilted by someone so much better at quilting than me - so stay tuned for the finished quilt - before Christmas.

Just for the record, I also made an angel ornament, added ribbon to a towel and made a bag for the a charity project that Sunday Stitchers are doing.

I had a ball, I got so much done.  Thanks to the Tuesday girls who invite me along each year.  And a big thanks to De who did the driving - allowing me to crochet along the way and keep ridiculously late nights!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

November - FNWF

Time for another cyber gathering with Cheryll.

Friday night I gathered one of those "go to when nothing else is ready" projects.  I sewed a bit of this - not a lot but any sewing is good progress.

I am sure most of you were more productive - but I have had a week away sewing and needed to organise for a sewing day at my place on Saturday - so I am not unhappy with just a small bit of stitching.

Friday, November 2, 2018

October OPAM

My head is all over the place - work has been busy - then I was away for a week - retreating!!! (YAY)

BUT it's November and I need to tell Peg & Kris about my finishes for October - nothing in the sewing arena - but I did finish 23 crochet blocks for blankets for the cold & needy people in and around Brisbane.

That's it for now!!...but the tally will be better for November!