Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Giveaway!

The lovely Jenny from Jenny of Elefantz who is giving up days of her sewing time to go motorbiking through the top part of Queensland with her beloved husband is having a giveaway of the originals of a pattern she had published in "Stitch" a US magazine.  Congratulations to her for being published "O/S" and a huge cuddle becaise she is so generous - both of her time and her goodies.  Pop over here to look and participate.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

UFO - Finished

I finished my second blue & cream quilt - started last August - in time for my high school friend's "0" birthday in April.  I couldn't be in Sydney to see her open it - but she loves it and hopefully will enjoy snuggling under it as it gets cooler.

My bestest sewing mate gave me a beautifully stitched label to add to the back:
I bought quite a collection of blues creams and a bit of green to make the first "0" birthday quilt for another friend - and plannned on making two together - but I still have enough left over for a third - wonder who that will go to??

Here is a close up of some of the 'starter' fabric - its a border print but it would have been too wide to use as a border on that sized quilt so I cut it into 6" squares and made coordinating 4 patch and 9 patch squares.


What Makes me Happy - a random event!!

Years ago - my girls dressed up for a party - Pippi Longstocking & Heidi.  Both outfits made by me (How did I find the time?? - guess not so much patchowrk time back then!)
"Pippi" s now 21 and about to be married and "Heidi" is 19.

Catching Up - Gum Nut Designers Picnic

I know this was SO long ago - but . . well you know how it is - you get sidetracked!. It was a lovely morning - meeting up with real people after only knowing them by blogging and emails. I won't go on - everyone else has expressed their feelings - just one picture to record the event. (me in the pink/black top.)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

ABC of Susan

I have seen a few of these ABCs so thought I would join in.  I am so far behind in my posts but will do this one now and back track when I get the time (in between work, sewing & wedding preparations).

Age: 59. 
Bed Size: Queen. 
Chore You Hate: Unpacking & Putting away groceries – and Housework. 
Dogs: Tibetan Spaniel x Toy Poodle but prefer cats.  
Essential Start of Your Day: Shower.  
Favourite Colour: Purple.  
Gold or Silver: Prefer Gold – have some of both.  
Height: 5’4”. 
Instruments You Play: Nothing musical – love my Janome.  
Job Title: Product Analyst.  
Kids: 2 girls (lucky me).  
Live: Queensland Australia 
Mom's Name: Molly Dorcas and to follow tradition I should have been Dorcas – eek!! – thankfully I am Susan.  
Nicknames: Susie B (maiden name) or Suzie Q.  
Overnight Hospital Stays: Third Nipple removal (quite common I was told) 2 Caesarean babies (a lot longer than overnight thanks!).  
Pet Peeve: Pushing in – in queues, on the road – anywhere.  And people who shorten my name.
Quote From a Movie: Not a real movie buff – cant think of one.  
Right- or Left-Handed: Right.  
Siblings: 2 brothers.  
Time You Wake Up: 6.30am or so on workdays – else a lot later (hate mornings).  Underwear: Of course.  
Veggie You Dislike: Hate the term “Veggie”, but hate overcooked anything.  What Makes You Run Late: Me – trying to do too many last minute things. 
X-Rays You Have Had: Foot, wrist, back, teeth.  
Yummy Food You Make: Spaghetti Bolognaise and cakes.  
Zoo Animal You Like Best: The big cats ate always so majestic and monkeys are cute – no real favourite.

Tiff started this ball rolling and I have seen Jenny's and Teresa's and Joy's.   Go have a look.