Monday, August 27, 2018

August Finishes

This month's tally of crocheted blocks:  12

My #3 UFO for Sunday Stitchers:  Finally framed "Pretty Little Sydney".  It has been languishing in the "To Do" pile for a while ....It was almost finished September 2016.

And a dolly quilt for a friend - a very quick project.


  1. Great projects there Susan... love the colours of the crochet, all piled up liked that... dolly quilt is super cute & will no doubt get a lot of use when the time comes.

  2. That's a great tally there. lovely pile of squares - they all look so pretty in their pile. the cross stitch is just wonderful... lots of little stitches in there and somebodies dolly will be sleeping well...

  3. Fantastic finishes.
    Colourful crocheting..
    Love your cross stitch and I'm sure dolly will be lovely and warm under the cute quilt.

  4. Your crochet is so pretty Susan. Lovely work you have finished x

  5. You did well! I love Pretty Little Sydney! xx

  6. Great projects - I love how colourful your crochet blocks are x

  7. LoVe the Sydney harbour scene... xox

  8. Lovely work Susan love the Sydney Harbour ,beautiful,well done my friend . You might want to get rid of the spammer above Chez,hope you have an awesome week Susan xx


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