Saturday, May 25, 2019

FNSI - May (for real)

I was more than happy to gather with everyone for a FNSI - always plenty of projects to choose from!

I finished off two sets of Birthday gifts for my KQ group - which I can't show yet

Image result for google images question mark

...and then I spent time organising my bits for two alphabet books I want to make.  I cut several of the letters which I had already fused and selected some of the fabrics for other blocks.   I have a plastic pocket for each letter so I can keep everything together and hopefully this will make putting it together easy and I won't lose too many pieces..
I am all set for my day at KQ on Sunday....

Big thanks to Wendy for organising us and keeping us on track

I may not be sewing much this week - my daughter is in Brisbane from Saturday Night to Friday afternoon - with my gorgeous little grandson who is growing up too fast already.
There could be a bit of cuddling happening .....

Isn't Piglet cute - made by a friend of my daughter...
this completes her set of Winnie the Pooh characters

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Baby Quilt

I have posted a few pictures of this quilt in its various stages but it is finished now and handed over to the owner.

I have made this for one of my work colleagues who became a grandmother for the first time only a month or so earlier than me - sadly for her - her grandchild is in the UK!!!

When discussing colours - she initially suggested "ice pink"....I suggested to her - that it might be easier if she visited a patchwork shop and looked at fabrics - I gave her an idea of how much to buy etc - and notes about the pattern I would be using (I had shown her a few samples) - and I did expect the people running the shop would give her some help - they didn't!!!...but she decided on the fabrics. 
I must admit when I first saw them I was a bit "Oh...mmm....", but the more I worked on it - the more I liked it.   Maybe I will get her to pick fabrics for me ...???

I do hope she and her daughter like it.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Clayton’s FNSI

The Third Friday of the month is usually FNSI - but Wendy had to defer it til next week - (due to a variety of issues).....but that was no reason to not sew.....and the footy was a good reason to escape to my Sewing Space!

I’ve been making this baby quilt for a work colleague.   She is off to London to visit the daughter, who had a baby a few months ago.   Really I can’t complain about my grandchild being in Townsville compared to that!

So, it was time finish this one.....I had a bit of quilting to go....then the binding.

It’s done....just the threads to sew in and the hand stitching on the binding.

My Guardian Bobbin Angel was looking after me this time!!!
That is about 30cm of thread left...phew!!!!

See you next Friday for a real FNSI!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

No FUSS Stitch-a-long - Romancing the Road trip

I had finished the stitcheries for these a while back, so decided it was time to put the block together.   It was pretty quick as I have already cut 1.5", 2.5" and 3.5" strips from each of my fabrics.  It was just a matter of deciding which ones go where and cutting and sewing. 

As you can see - a lot of personalisation in these blocks.  I plan on just 9 blocks (18 stitcheries) and the Postcards will represent places we went on holidays as a family - not a lot so I can keep it small.

Friday, May 3, 2019

FNWF - May

You know how one thing leads to another???

At Baradiine I made a Jelly Roll Race Quilt top.   To cut a long story a bit shorter -KiwiKid  who was sitting near me and I started a bit of a conversation and decided that May FNWF should be a jelly roll challenge.  We both wanted to add a bit to the end of each strip before joining them together (rather than the "normal" 45 degree seam.  So we allowed ourselves to have that done beforehand.  The Start Time was 7.30pm.  I was all set up on Thursday night - ready & raring to go.

mmmm I may have had a little snooze on the lounge and got a late start - but at 8.20 off I went.

If you have made a Jelly Roll Race quilt - you will know that first seam is a killer - well I have to say second time around it didn't seem so bad - maybe because I only recently made one...
The first seam was about an hour - though I had a couple of hiccups, second one 35 minutes, then 20, then 10.  (Mathematically that makes perfect sense)

So here is my top - I didn't iron as I went so that is a job for the weekend.  Overall - pretty happy with that.  It will probably go off as a Charity Quilt.

Sue started on time and finished about 10pm...I started late and finished about 11pm.   
(A good chance to empty a few bobbins too).
It would have been so easy to snooze, watch TV etc -
so I am very glad we had this challenge - got me moving!

Cheryll has been busy tripping around the place - glad she got back in time to have us all "visiting" (LOL) - go here to link up to the others.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Stringalong 2019 (April)

A quick post to show April's string blocks - another 9 - That brings the total to 38 - I need 88 in all...I am happy for this to be a long term project . . no rush...plenty of other "Must Dos"

Nine is such a nice round number . . . .maybe 12 next month??

Linking up to Lori here - go check out the wonderful projects others are doing. 
(Give it a few days for people to link up)

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Final April Finishes (24)

I have a bumper crop of crochet squares this month.  Normally I hand them over to Maria at Sunday Stitchers and use that as my "End of Month" marker - but Maria wasn't there last time, so I've kept them and added a few more since last weekend.

And I have made another two sets of pedal mat, scrap bucket and coaster for more birthday gifts at KQ.  They were gifted last Sunday so I can show them now.

Happy Sewing everyone

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Some Finishes in April (7)

I join in with Kris who has continued running OPAM, so am claiming these as April finishes.  I had kept some of them under wrap as they were gifts or were waiting for the "right" time to show them.

Firstly two sets of foot pedal mat, scrap bucket & coaster - for Birthday gifts for members of KQ Girls.

Last year at Baradine - I received a bundle of flannel scraps as a mystery gift.  Never one to shy away from a challenge...LOL....I decided they had to become some sort of a quilt.  The sizes of the bits were quite random, so I cut 2.5" and 4.5" squares and made 4.5" blocks from the 2.5" ones and then set about trying to organise them,...It is probably not as symmetrical as I would like - but I ended up with only one 4.5" square left over.  I found the brown check flannel at a cheap price and - again - probably not my first choice - but it went well enough with the other fabrics.
Voila - a quilt!

 and I also bought this flannel for the back - really love this one!
DD2 loves monkeys so I might keep this one day...maybe...(no pressure Bec!)

Also last year at Baradine we received a kit to make a tote bag - a lovely stitchery of the logo was included and a charm well as some EPP shapes.   I started off with gluing the EPP shapes at retreat....but upon consideration,decided a tote bag was not really my thing - so I made a zippy pouch, a scrap bucket, a coaster and a pin cushion.   I used some of the fabrics on the back of the zippy pouch.   I still have a number of covered EPP pieces.....they may be sitting around for a while....maybe a needle book????

At Baradine this year - one of my projects was to make a Jelly Roll race quilt.  This jelly roll was gifted to me by a friend, so I thought it was only fair to "pay it forward" and this top will go off to a group who make quilts for charity groups - so a finish in my eyes!

My swap present for this year was a scrap bucket, pin cushion, coaster and a machine foot pedal mat...I do like to repeat myself....LOL

I have also finished a baby quilt for the daughter of a friend.  This pattern is so quick and easy - I can see a few more in my future.....

So, I will count that as 7 finishes so far...
not too bad I think and there will also be a pile of crochet blocks to add after Sunday
none of these are on my SS UFO list...for that I am woefully behind . . .

Image result for sad face gif

Friday, April 19, 2019


or was it a Fri-DAY and NIGHT Sew In??
Probably a lot of the regular FNSI gang don't go to regular paid work - but for those of us who do - Easter gives a good break from work - and whilst I may not spend all of Easter sewing (though I'd love to) I did spend a lot of today sewing.

I have a baby quilt to finish - this one is for a friend's this point the binding is on - I may add some more quilting - plenty of loose ends to sew in too.

Thanks Wendy for hosting us again...At least this weekend I should have time to visit you all.
Happy Easter to everyone.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

FNWF - April

Doing my post today (Saturday) - oops I didn't even sign up - that is remedied now . . though to be honest I kinda flaked in front of the TV...again....I did do some crocheting though...

and then some senseless mindless games on my ipad...what a waste of time.

I do hope you were all more productive...  
Thanks Cheryll for hosting us - sorry I was so tardy!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

March Finishes - OPAM (13)

I'm running late for an end of March post - but better late then never??

I'm back on track crocheting squares for K4BN - 11 this month

In my SIMS group - we decided - last year that for birthdays we would make each other a postcard - using the initials of the person.  Sounded like a great idea at the time . . .

First off the rank was Inca - IMT (not such an easy set of  initials really - we have told her to change her

Here is mine - see if you can guess the I M & T . . . .

 No??? Icecream Meringue (chocolate) and Topping

The baby quilt is all done (though - it still needs a label)
My DD chose a classic Winnie the Pooh fabric and we teamed it with greens (gender neutral)
and a close up

I have a few more done or almost done but they need to wait til after Scub Stitchin' at Baradine - by now - in one week - I will be there chatting, hugging, setting up and getting ready to power on to a new project ...why finish an old one when there are so many new projects on the horizon??

Thanks Kris for continuing on with OPAM - it's the motivation we need to post our finishes.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Stringalong 2019 (March)

Time to show our progress on our Stringalong blocks - not a lot of progress for me - but I did whip up 7 more . . .

 and the backs:
I am joining in with Lori over here:

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saturday Sewing

I love all my sewing groups - Loose Threads, KQ Girls, Sunday Stitchers, SIMS...but it does mean I am out at least one day of each weekend - UNLESS there are 5 weekends in the month - like this one!!!!
I am off to Bardine on 10th April...and I have some things I need to / want to finish, so I made a very determined effort today and sewed most of the day (and night).  I am at the "hand sew the binding" stage for 2 things...I will show them as finishes...after Baradine....but for now:

and . . . I still have Sunday!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Heart Blocks

We are all very aware of the the terror attack that happened in Christchurch recently.
And most of you would know that a group have organised themselves to gather blocks from people (from around the world) to make into quilts for the victims' families, the survivors and the first responders.
You can read about it here.

I suggested to my fellow KQ sewers, that we could make some blocks to add to the collection.  It was a very hot day and a few people already had other commitments, so we only had a few people - but we manged to make 27 applique heart blocks and 4 pieced blocks - I still have one to finish off.  I will trim the applique blocks, which I will do over the weekend.

and - luckily enough -
one of the Baradine gang is from NZ and is happy to take them back - no postage!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday Night Sewing

YAY - the AFL season has started!!!!

I'm excited - not because I love AFL - or am keen to watch it - BUT it does mean DH doesn't want to go out to eat - wants a quick easy meal...and ...a long story ...although we have two TVs - the "other" one is in a room with no lounge chairs - and really - he does look pretty silly sitting in an empty room on a straight backed I have relinquished watching TV for the comfort of my Sewing Space.
One good thing about football season is that it means the weather should be cooling down - but alas Mother Nature has forgotten to look at the calendar and is about to spring a 34C day on us.

I put my time to good use - added the borders to a baby quilt for a friend's daughter, ready to pin on Sunday,

and made the first block for my "Road Trip" quilt:

I think I need a better photo - maybe in the daytime!
I am dragging the chain a bit on this project - what with the finger op and making baby quilts and "other important stuff"  whatever that was, it has been hard to focus on this one...but hopefully if I can find some time to trace a few blocks (a job I HATE) I can get into gear.

PS:  Thankfully  - the right team won!

and a bonus:  DH is off the the Brisbane Lions game at the Gabba tomorrow night - so more sewing time....yay again!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

FNSI - March

Time for another FNSI with cyber friends.

I made progress on the quilt for my new grand baby - we have a grandson - Luka - born 1st March.  Suddenly he is 2 weeks old:

Image may contain: 1 person
We visited him (and the parents) just after he was born (they live in Townsville - a long way away) and since I missed that deadline of having this ready- I now have until just before Easter so DD2 can take it with her when she & her partner visit.

The inside bit is quilted.  There will be some simple stitching in the border and then the binding - so not too much left to do.  
Oh - better a dd a label too.

Hope everyone had a fun productive night and are able to get some sewing time in over the weekend.

Thanks to Wendy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Stringalong 2019

Ooops - its time to show our progress on out Stringalong blocks -  
Confession time - I hadn't actually done any since last month - but when I saw the post for the link up, I thought I better pull my finger out and get sewing....In my defense I do still have a very important baby quilt to finish and I've been away for work for almost a week,,,, and came home sick!!!   So, today I am on "Personal Leave"...and really I am not well enough to work a whole day ...but can sew for a I used the opportunity to play catch up.

I decided 9 was a good target for today...after all they are pretty quick and I have boxes of strips ready to go  . . .

So here is the front of the 9 I have just done.

and the back - I am using up left overs from a quilt I finished in 2013 - called Flower Box - it's here if you are interested . . .- and I I hope to be able to organise these into some sort of a pattern  . . 

Of course you can see my ever present companion curled up and fast asleep.while I "work"!!! LOL

The Month 2 Link up is here: if you'd like to look at what the others are doing...some really interesting patterns happening.

Thanks Lori - for the motivation to keep this project going.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

FNSI - February

DH went off to a Country Music I took advantage of it - stayed in the city a bit longer than usual (got my nails done) ...a quick dinner and into the sewing!

I have done all the piecing for the hexie section of Winnie the Pooh...It now needs a serious ironing session.  I think the little Clover iron will be the trick for this.
I sewed this all by machine - and for those interested - it went quite well - Once I set the machine to do a lock stitch at the beginning and end - and set the auto cut off threads - it was probably only a bit faster - but a lot easier,,,as I didn't need to think as much!! 

I had marked the back of each block, so I pinned (mostly), sewed from the beginning of the seam line  - and  stopped at the end of the seam line.

This is an earlier picture....

On Saturday I had planned to iron it...and maybe start the borders....but...decided to do some cutting for another baby quilt I am making.

Thanks again Wendy - I really enjoyed the cyber party.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Good Day's Work

Today was a KQ Girls sewing day - we have switched to one Saturday and one Sunday a month.
I needed a machine sewing project and decided to take along the 21/2" scrappy squares that I plan to make into a male charity quilt.  I made one (finished off a long term project) back in September 2016 - here - and sometime after that I decided I should make a male one, as most charities get a lot of girly stuff. 

So I have been sewing leaders and enders with that in mind.   I had about 18 strips already made that were 32 squares long and another pile that were 20 - and more that I had made into sets of today I got all the smaller bits and joined and added  . .  .I now have 46 strips of 32 squares.  I haven't decide how many rows I will put into each quilt - but I'm sure I have enough for two quilts now.. 

I do this as my leaders and enders because I use different machines and the seam allowance is not always the same and on top of that, it is fast because I don't need to worry about matching all the seams - I don't want them to become another UFO.

In an earlier post I mentioned how this group had done some mini tutorials and we made numerous blocks with the idea of making a few quilts for charity.

One quilt had been put together but we were missing the side borders..and we had almost the right number of blocks to make up another quilt.  I bought some bright pink on a recent shopping expedition and finished the borders on #1 , made two more big hearts and put #2 together.  I to\k them along today to show the gang and they are off to someone else for quilting and gifting.

Tonight I thought I better make a start on joining the Winnie the Pooh hexies - I'm sure this baby won't be waiting for me to finish the quilt...but I don't want the child to be 6 months old when I'm finished....I've been putting these together by is fiddly - it is not quick...but it seems to be working...and - for me - with a finger still recovering - it is much much quicker...   (tedious...but music is going in he background).

So, not bad for a day's work.
And I still have Sunday to go!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

FNWF - February

February already???

I couldn't do any actual sewing on Friday night - I was busy organising and cooking for a visit from my Saturday group (Loose Threads), but I participated in my head!!!

Saturday I made up for it....I still can't do any hand sewing - so I spent some time marking the 1/4" on these hexagon blocks that I hope to sew by machine - they are for a baby quilt for grandbaby due at the end of the month - I better get a move on!!! 
(I hope doing them by machine will be successful.)

I also spent some time cutting and matching 2.5" squares - boring - but much better with company.

For our afternoon tea I made Peach, Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins - they were pretty yummy...Here is the recipe - in case!!!
I didn't do them as Gluten Free...

I hope everyone was productive - good to see you all again!!
Thanks Cheryll - you do a great job of hosting us!!!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Stringalong 2019

Hello to the Stringalong quilters that are participating along with Lori.

It is time for me to post my Month 1 blocks - pop over here for the link up to see a wide variety of stringalong blocks.

These are the blocks I have done so far - the plan is to make a reversible table cloth.  I will need 88 blocks in all.   I will be sashing them top and bottom with black.  I have sewn these onto a fabric foundation - no batting in between.   (and no paper to remove!!!! YAY!!!).  Next time I will show the backs as well.

I expect I will lay them out in this pattern - though for now this is just random placement.

Monday, January 28, 2019

January Finish

My one and only finish for January 2019.   
I do hope to improve the monthly tally...but for now it will have to do.

I originally saw this small wall hanging in my LQS - and found the machine embroidery pattern on line.  With a surname of Wild - I just had to make it.   I actually stitched it out in January 2018 - back here...and didn't realise (being a newbie to machine embroidery) that I should have put fabric in the letters and done it as an applique....oh well - I don't mind how it is - and I learnt from my mistake!

This is my #10 for January Sunday Stitchers UFO Challenge
January OPAM (One {Project a Month)

If you'd like to join in with us to finish off One Project a Month (you can do more of course), then pop over here to see what it is all about - you can join  anytime.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

FNSI - January

Thanks Wendy - and hi everyone whos is visiting via FNSI !!!

I had plans to get more done - but DD2 dropped in for a visit, so dinner was late and sewing was late!!

I'm a bit restricted in what I can do, due to my operation on my right index finger....but I'm doing hat I can.
I've drawn diagonal on these fabric squares ready to strip piece - I'm joining in with a String Quiltalong so trying to get prepared.

You really have to look - but there is a line across that block.

I put side borders on a quilt that my KQ Girls group have put together to give to a charity, (no picture yet - it needs an iron) and I joined sets of two of these hexie flowers ready to be made into 12" blocks.  

These will be teamed with some foundation paper hearts and 4 12" crazy patch hearts.
During 2018, we had a series of mini-tutorials - where whoever had done a technique shared their skills with anyone else who was interested.  We used pink and white fabrics - with some green.
Some more photos later on.

So, not so much done...but any progress is good.

Many thanks to Wendy for continuing FNSI into 2019.  I've said it many times before - but it's great motivation to sew and also to post on my blog - which in turn becomes a great reference point for when I wonder..."when did I start this???"

Go here to find links to the other 28 FNSIers!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

FNWF - January

Happy New Year everyone - another great start to our sewing year.

I am on Annual Leave so have been able to get in some sewing time - so I was certainly able to have a FridayWF and I shared the day with my sewing buddy Maureen.

We pinned a quilt together, chatted, planned and I did a bit of stitching.

On Friday night I sewed buttons onto this small wall hanging, 

 and added sparkles (which were gifted to me by Helen) to my Quilt Diva:

and I also sewed on some of the doo-dads I have collected over the year - still some to go.
I'll add a new picture when they are all done.

Many thanks, as always, to Cheryll for continuing FNWF into 2019.  I've said it many times before - but it's great motivation to sew and also to post on my blog - which in turn becomes a great reference point for when I wonder..."when did I start this???"