Saturday, July 17, 2021

FNSI - July

There was a small distraction on Friday Night - so not a lot achieved - I did some of the quilting on this baby quilt.

Sadly the Bobbin Thread Fairy was looking after other sewers - maybe you??- and I was only a few inches short at the end (I knew I should have not had such a long tail at the beginning - oh well)

Happy Sewing - if you are in Lockdown - sorry for you - 
we are wearing masks everywhere which is bad but at least we can move around a bit 
and go to the essential shops - today that might be Spotlight!
Thanks Wendy for hosting us!

Friday, July 2, 2021

FNWF - July

Another week rolls by  . . .

Brisbane is in lockdown - at this stage until Saturday 6pm - but who knows???

It doesn't make a lot of difference to me - although I did have some "essential" shopping to do - well the Governemetn may not call it essential . . .So it will have to wait.

Tonight  a bit of a mixture

A bit of crochet (Pretty normal for Friday night - 

I would have done more - but the man of the house had to watch Geelong at 7.50PM so my Better Homes & Gardens was cut short.  I suppose I should check and see if they won . . . . 
Oh - they did

I retreated to my Sewing Space and  . . .I started some binding - but its an almost black on the same fabric - just too hard at night - I do have really good light - but it just wasn't working for me - so I put it aside.  I might do a bit tomorrow in the daylight.

Then I removed this pile of papers from some hexagons and pinned them ready to sew - also maybe on Saturday while I'm Zooming with Chookyblue.

I'm not showing them pinned - keeping it til reveal day - August.

Doesn't look like much, but it kept me busy most of the time I had.

Thanks as always Cheryll - if it weren't for FNWF & FNSI - I think this blog would be almost empty . .  😞

I think you all know where to go and check on the others.

Happy Sewing & Stay safe