In 2001 or 2002, I saw a few little angels sitting on a tree at a Craft Show in Brisbane. There were a few different ones, some made with baubles, some with stars, some with fabric and some with ribbon.  I bought one of each.

Whilst DD1 was at High School and involved with the Music program - I made about 200 angels 3 years in a row to sell at school concerts to raise money for the Music Support Group and I started making them as gifts for my sewing buddies, work colleagues and a few others - including my hairdresser, beautician and podiatrist.  About 30 I think.
So, the 2002 model was born: - Ribbon

And in 2003: - Star

2004: - Round bauble

2005:  This time I made two models - one was made using a silver thimble - just for my sewing group (I only had one at the time)

and the others got a silver bell and ribbon model.

2006: - Doyley - I had done a class at small Craft Fair at Carina Leagues Club

2007: - Half circle

2008: - Felt

2009: - Pearl

2010:- Hexagon

2011: - Flying Angel

2012: - Babushka

2013: - Machine Embroidery

2014 - Paper Clay  (I'm up to 60 now - my husband likes to give them to HIS work colleagues..I don't anymore.)

I took this picture at a friend's place - this is the whole collection up until 2015.

2015 - a Button angel
Found on Pinterest - bought a big collection of buttons, used lace painted with gold paint and glitter glue for the wings and a gold flower shaped split pin for the halo.

I had a plan (Plan A) - something I had hiding away...after half an hour on the first one I decided it wasn't for me - well not for 2016 I had to hatch another plan - this is plan C.  Conceived wandering through the papercraft section of Spotlight.

This year it is a wooden cotton reel in two sizes (the packs I bought had 2 sizes so rather than horde/waste a lot I used both sizes), and wooden beads painted silver.  The middles are decorated with various papercraft supplies, the wings are ribbons sewn and glued on.

Sometimes I make a separate purple one for a particular person.

The plan I had didn't eventuate as the major piece of the puzzle is no longer available...but some searching Pinterest found these:

I definitely have a plan - I have already bought the main piece of the requirements list (thanks to Spotlight half price sale on Christmas "things" and a $40 off if you spend $100 deal - they ended up very I just need the other half of the project.

But all good plans do not always eventuate as expected, so - still using what I bought late last year or early this (angel buttons)  ..... I made yo-yos and added the angels.

Plan for 2020????????????

Do not leave it til late November to start!!!!!!!!!!!


Did I learn from the above??? Well only partly - I had a plan - but had not done a prototype - so what happened??? The prototype did not go to plan - so a late decision was made and the 2020 Angel was born.

I do already have a plan for 2021 and I will definitely try one early in the year.


For 2021, I took advantage of the fact that DD1 owns a Cricut - the plan was a 3D model, but the logistics of mailing it out conquered that idea and I decided on a  2D model, cut in a gold/cream paper with some bejeweled add ons.

What will 2022 be??

I had to start planning these early in the year - to be able to save enough thread scraps!

I still haven't learned my lesson - to start the angels earlier in the year . . .!!!!!!

Most of the angels had a round wooden bead for a head - but I decided against paying Australia Post approx $11 for the ones that I mail - so made a button version instead...they were a lot cheaper to post!


Fiona said...

they are just awesome.. such a great idea

Maureen Clare said...

Yay, I have them all and in order. Yay