Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Final April Finishes (24)

I have a bumper crop of crochet squares this month.  Normally I hand them over to Maria at Sunday Stitchers and use that as my "End of Month" marker - but Maria wasn't there last time, so I've kept them and added a few more since last weekend.

And I have made another two sets of pedal mat, scrap bucket and coaster for more birthday gifts at KQ.  They were gifted last Sunday so I can show them now.

Happy Sewing everyone


  1. Keeping yourself busy.... did you see the crochet pattern I sent on insta? your little birthday sets are lovely...

  2. You have been very productive! Those sewing sets are a great idea. I think the gift I made for retreat may have been my only April finish :-(

  3. Great finishes. The sewing sets are wonderful x

  4. Great pile of crochet squares Susan. The sewing sets make wonderful presents.


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