Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tooly Tool Holder

I have seen a few of these and thought I wouldn't really use one...but then I was packing for a sewing day and gathering all the bits and pieces and realised that if I had a Tooly full of most of the bits I need to take with me - it would be quicker to just pick up and go.

I was able to borrow one to refer to as I made it which helped a great deal.  Of course I changed a few bits - - the pockets and ramped up the elastic that holds it together when not in use.
I added a covered notebook...just to coordinate it all.

So this can now stay packed with spares and extras and hopefully I will have everything I need when I'm away from home sewing.

The pattern came from Sew Together - they have updated the pattern to a larger size with room for a small cutting mat and added a handle.  You can find that one here:

(I'm on the look out now for a small purple rotary cutter and even a purple ruler . . .that could be tricky!)

This is using the same range of fabrics that I used for the mini quilt's from Leanne Beasley - called "Potting Shed".  I'm kinda liking it at the will probably see more projects using it in the (near) future.

And a hint:  I used foam core as recommended in the pattern, the one I borrowed had something about 1/4 " thick and I think over time that is probably better as I can see my cover is bending already.

Yes Chooky  I know you will "tell me" - I will bring it!......LOL

Friday, March 23, 2018

FNSI - March 2018

We are a little delayed this month "due to technical difficulties" - but we all gathered at Wendy's "Cyber house" to sew and pass the time of day.

I had planned to hand stitch while watching TV , and then do some machining -  but Joey (the cat) decided to bed down on top of my legs so I stayed there cross stitching....I guess my plan for tonight will also need to be delayed.

This is what I worked on . . . .I only do this at home - it's just too hard when you are in a group and trying to have conversations.

Thanks Wendy - glad to hear your internet is all OK now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Gail Pan Stitchery

This is my project #10 for Sunday Stitchers Challenge.

I have had the stitchery finished for quite a while - and I have forgotten its correct name. 
A little while back I saw some lovely fabrics - yes in purple - well I prefer to call these mauve . . and resisted....for a while - but then I remembered this stitchery and another one in similar colours (which I expect to finish off for Project 9 next month) and decided they needed to come home with me.   I have only used two of them in this one.

I have made this to fit my mini quilt hanger, so it's about 12 x 14".  And I decided I would try out the "hand look" quilting stitch ..... I have used it before on my older machine but Monster Machine has an automatic setting for off I went.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Patchworky Friends

Aren't patchwork friends the best??

For a number of reasons I decided not to go to Let's Get Stitched here in Brisbane this weekend.  And as Shez and Chez (the terrible twos???) are not going to Baradine next month, I decided I should catch up with them by collecting them from the airport and delivering them to the hotel - which also gave the opportunity for a quick catch-up with a few other people.

Shez arrived with 2 suitcases and I jokingly asked if one of them was full of presents .  . . .and she said Yes.   One of them (not big enough to justify an extra suitcase...) was for me, to say thanks for the transport!

A gorgeous needle case.  Shez I will treasure it - thank you so much.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

FNWF - February

Friday Night sewing With FriendsBut mostly Saturday....

I really only did a bit 
on Friday Night - I joined you in spirit - but I needed to sort, clean and organise ready for my turn at hosting Loose Threads on Saturday.

Let's just say a combination of Friday Night and Satur - day saw this Gail Pan block finished.....I wish I could sew as fast as my friend (you know who you are....)  but I suppose being hostess today meant I was up and down a fair bit - patterns to find, a few pages of "something" to copy, a pair of scissors to lend, morning & afternoon tea to set out. 
But it was a great day - and lovely to catch up with one of our gang who spends months at a time travelling in a caravan - she finally received her Birthday present from last November!

So here is that block:

and tonight I pressed and cut the other blocks, so I am up to date...for a week and a bit - and I have included the fabrics that I will be using.

The actual pattern is to applique these onto blocks, but I will be using them as whole blocks...a bit like the Ruth's Quilt pattern I am also making.

Thanks to Cheryll for hosting the cyber party - I'm off to the World of Craft Expo in Brisbane tomorrow - maybe I will catch up with your progress during the week.