Wednesday, October 3, 2018

September Finishes

This month I finished 12 crocheted squares for K4BN

I also finished a Virgo cross stitch for my bestie:

No finished project for my Sunday Stitchers UFO list - but the plan was to prepare some blocks for a quilt - I have almost finished the top - so I have exceeded expectations for that...a picture soon.


  1. that's a goodly heap of crochet squares and I love the cross stitch set in the frame like that.... was great to see you today.... ran out of time and didn't see half of the quilts...

  2. Your crocheted blocks will make a pretty rug...
    Lovely Virgo cross stitch.
    Catch you Friday for FnwFs

  3. This is really innovative creativity. I love the fact that I’ve never seen something beautiful before.

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  4. That's a lovely little pile there Susan. Beautiful cross stitch too x

  5. The pile is looking so pretty. Cute cross stitch

  6. Love the Virgo piece - such a cute cross stitch design and pretty colours.

  7. A neat and colourful pile of crochet squares! x

  8. Love that pile of squares! They look so pretty! What is K4BN? xx


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