Monday, January 31, 2022

Baby Quilt - Boho Style?

An interesting exercise for me . . .a work colleague is having a baby - and I was told by another collegue it is a "Boho Natural" theme.  I googled it - as you do!  and decided I'd just go softer than normal..and maybe browner (???).

I found the owl farbic and the green - but most of the rest is from my stash - and a few from bestie's lucky to have a frineds stash to raid as well!

Certainly not my normal colour choice for a baby quilt, 
but its grown on me and I hope the mum will like it.

Happy to have it done in time for a January finish
 - a late night last night finishing the stitching on the binding...
I suppose I could have been up late watching the tennis anyway - 
(I didn't - just clicked over to see the score towards the end).

Crochet Blocks - January

I forgot a post about the January Crochet Blocks - just 8 - but Maria was short 8 to make her next blanket...good planning eh???

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Homegrown - Sue Spargo

A few of us have decided to make Homegrown by Sue Spargo.

At the moment we are aiming at one block a month - and we are not including the outer border.

Mostly we are using fabrics and not felt and just generally doing our own thing, although we have started out with a small collection of shared fabrics.

This is my January block #1

It will be small when done - about 30" square without the border.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

FNSI - January

Wendy at Sugarlane Quilts is continuing to host Friday Night Sew In.  She has a Facebook page and a few of us post there and comment during the night - but I like to have a blog post too.

On Friday night I was able to get a fairly early start and almost got this top finished - but today I have added the top & bottom borders and it's now ready for a good press and hopefully on Sunday I will pin it - and maybe get to quilt it on Wednesday (it will be a Public Holiday for Australia Day) or Thursday.

This one is for a girl in my office who has a boho natural theme in her nursery   ....I hope it will suit.

Nighttime pics are never the best.\

Thanks Wendy and fellow FNSIers....great company.

Monday, January 10, 2022

FNWF - January

Well, I know it was a FNWF and I know I sewed or crocheted - but things got busy - and I forgot to post on Saturday and I have absolutely no clue what I did Friday night - so I won't bother making it up - I will just say a big thanks to Cheryll for continuing FNWF for another year and I will try to be more focused for the rest of the year.

So, Happy New Year if I haven't said it to you before!

I was hoping for a more "normal" year, but we have started off so badly, I am not expecting anything like normal now.

Stay Well
Happy Sewing
Wishing that the To-Do list is no longer at the end of the year.