Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Churn Dash - August

I am pleased to say I am on track for Chooky's Churn Dash SAL.

Another 8 blocks completed

Friday, August 26, 2022

Two Felt Puppets

I bought kits to make 9 felt finger puppets from My Felt Lady earlier in the year, knowing my eldest daughter would be having a baby later in the year and I thought these could be a cute present for the Big Brother and hopefully amuse him a bit while mum was tending to bub.

I asked what Luka's favourite Australian animals were at the moment - "Platypus & Wombat" was the answer.

I mailed them off - along with some other goodies and my daughter face-timed me when they opened the parcel.
Luka opened the wrapped puppets - took one look at them and a look of ??? (I don't know what - I thought disappointment) flooded his face - he got off his chair and disappeared for a bit - I really thought he was devastated that it wasn't something else . . . .but then came back with his favourite book of Australian Animals - Phew!  (It was quite funny ....looking back.)

I plan to finish the other 7 soon- ish - or by Christmas.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

FNSI - August - and SS Retreat

Lucky to be on a real retreat for FNSI - August with some of the "Sunday Stitchers" ladies.

I started sewing mid afternoon - and quilted these pieces - ready to be made into placemats.
My employer gives us two Volunteer Leave days a year - so I used one of them to sew for charity and saved a day of Annual Leave.
Great to share my progress with Wendy and fellow FNSI'ers.

A lot of my fellow sewers were finishing off charity quilts and I think a bit of my Saturday morning was spent discussing them as well as a bit more quilting and starting on making the placemats.

After lunch - it was Mystery Project time.   Helen and I had been selected to think up a project for the retreat and as we have been quite focused on charity projects lately . . .and we had been able to secure some unusual fabric (ie not suitable for quilts, but still useable), we decided that the project could be placemats to give to Meals on Wheels.
A few weeks ago we had cut the tops, wadding and backings - everyone had been asked to bring a walking foot if possible and green & burgundy thread.

We handed out 2 to each sewing person and by Saturday night we had a stack of 14 finished mats.

After that, I was able to finish off my set of 7 (odd number I know - there will be more)

Then I moved onto a "Secret Project"

Overall, it was a great fun weekend - we were in a new venue - the lighting wasn't excellent, but I had taken a light (fortunately).

Most of the crew sewed charity things all weekend - I forgot to do a tally - but at least 4 jelly roll race tops were finished, one quilt top of squares and many tops had borders added.

There was time set aside for Morning & Afternoon teas and lunch - dinner was a bit of "eat whenever you want to".

Two retreats in a month??? - easy in some ways as I really only had to pack & organise once - but also a bit too close to each other.   Nevermind, rather have too many than none.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Retreat - Day 5

Sad day - last day - just 6 of us left
Louise has finished her baby crochet blanket

I have finished a "Male Leaders & Enders" quilt top

Nolene finished this quilt top - 
she started and finished it at the retreat - 
great effort (especially considering Nolene is 92!!!!)

A modified jelly roll quilt - finished by Alison
instead of full widths, we started with lengths from 6.5 to 7.5 
(left over from a quilt I helped with years ago) - 
then added some extra strips from Maria at Sunday Stitchers 
and a few more from Alison.

and the final To Do board
The "To Do" tags are saved - I write up a list and distribute it to all.
Then next year - 
I hand out the tags and either they go back up on the board - 
or are destroyed if the project is finished (or moved on in some way)

We all had a fabulous time - we all worked pretty hard - but in a relaxed way - no pressure!
We ate well - both at the Mt Alford Pub, the Lodge and our own self-catering.
Morning & Afternoon teas were plentiful & varied and we had far more than we needed - but isn't that what women do???
The venue is lovely - the views peaceful and relaxing.
Our hostess and her helpers are warm & friendly
The sunsets were stunning - fortunately for me the sunrises were only "blah".  I was on a "promise" to get up for a sunrise if our hostess Wendy would sew - we both escaped.
We will be back in 2023 - only 359 sleeps to go!

Monday, August 8, 2022

Retreat - Day 4

Still 11 of us working away!
Another Fat Eighths Quilt from Sue
Another dress from Erica . 
- her granddaughters have a full wardrobe of pretty dresses....
a fabulous heart quilt from Hilda
A "bird" quilt - from me - 
I had the pieces cut but it took longer to put together than I expected . . . .
Another fat eighths quilt top from Sue
Alison was on a mission to empty old reels of thread and bobbins . . . .
Three of us have been making Letters To My Daughter,
 so brought them along for a Show & Tell
Maureen, Erica and mine

and the To Do board

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Retreat Day 3

Still lots happening . . . .
Hilda has made a lot of coasters - here are some

Inca has made 38 of these
Sue's quilt - from fat eighths 
Louise has made a bowl cosie

Cheryl has made an apron

Alison has made several hanging towels
Another dress from Erica

Louise's yarn bombing for her jacaranda tree
and a machine mat
and the To Do Board at the end of Day 3

Retreat Day 2

Lots of sewing . . and chatting . . and eating . . . happening 

cloth book by Helen
and a second cloth book by Helen
Sue's disappearing 9 patch
Cheryl's jelly roll quilt
Another dress from Erica
Alison's washers
This year's Mystery project
Another dress from Erica

some stunning sunset shots
and Day 2 Board

Saturday, August 6, 2022

FNSI & Retreat Day1

What a great way to join in FNWF - on a retreat!

Hope all my cyber sewing friends had a great night!

Day 1 projects:
Maureen added a border to this cube quilt - ready for a charity donation
I made 8 coasters and a scrap bucket
Sue made a bag to use for work
Inca made 6 placemats - these will be donated to Meals on Wheels
Maureen has added sone yo yos - some very tiny - to this top
Helen put this quilt top together
Alison has made a jelly roll quilt - for charity donation
and the To Do/ Done board at the end of the day (or early morning)