Monday, November 30, 2020

Glenrose Retreat - November 2020

It seems I didn't do any posts from the Glenrose retreat in November 2020 - I guess because I didn't take my laptop and went straight back to work when I got home . . .
Anyway - time for a catch-up.

One project I worked on was adding hexies to my Willowbrook stitcheries.
This is most of them - but as at May 2021 - each stitchery is surrounded by hexies but there are no definite plans about how I will join them...... I may need to go shopping????

I made a lot of drawstring bags to pass onto Maria for Knitting for Brisbane's Needy

and some stockings for the same group.

I made a Snappy Pouch for Mr Adorable Grandson.

I'm sure there was a bit more  . . . but no idea what.... 

The year before - we decided we would set ourselves a challenge for completion by this year.

We chose a wall hanging - here is mine:

and the collection:

Now that I am posting this so late - 
it's not long til the next one...and I have 2 things to finish off!

Sunday, November 29, 2020

FNSI - November

In all the hurly-burly at this time of the year - FNSI was delayed by a week - but nevermind - we sewers can cope with trivial inconveniences.

But - given that hurly-burly season - what I sewed on was a mystery (in some ways even to me...LOL)  so I can only provide a snippet...

I am very busy with Christmas things as I am sure many of us are....and once again I am promising myself to start earlier in the year...Who am I kidding???   

Thanks Wendy for gathering us all - and making me do a blog post!!

Happy preparation time to all.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

My Birthday @ Sunday Stitchers

At Sunday Stitchers - for 2020 - we drew a name out and gave to that person.
The present was:
  • Drawstring bag - approx 12" x 14" 
  • A treat
  • Something that starts with the first letter of the person's first name
  • Something round
  • Something touchy, feely
  • Something funny

We have tried to make it as challenging as possible so that one present could fit more than one item....
Here are my presents - from De.

I will use the bag for my "on the go" crochet project.

A treat - Snickers - or could be the lovely smelling soap
Something that starts with S - Soap - or could be Snickers- or could be Spud Dude
Something round - Anni Downs Mirror
Something touchy, feely - Pink Pen
Something funny - Spud Dude - a vegetable peeler

Thanks De - great fun gifts.
Thanks Helen - for suggesting that we think of things that are NOT Boring!!!

It's my turn next month to gift to someone.