Sunday, April 19, 2015

FNSI April

It was a night for sewing with all my cyber mates...I was prepped, I was eager....but I still get didn't get a lot done - I think my lounge chair is far too comfy and I should machine sew on Friday night so I don't fall asleep.

But here is some of what I did...

On Saturday I had some more sewing time so I've been able to get all the April blocks done - there should be two little bees in the small circles instead of hexies - but they are just not my thing - not sure I'll stick with the dragon fly either ...but enough done for me to get a sign off from Chooky.

And then I thought I'd cut the necessary pieces for the one block of Farm Girl Vintage...I'm going to (probably) join in the Sew a Long on IG but the strawberry will have to be included - along with the sheep block , and I was so keen to start (yet another project...) so I got this ready...

When I saw I was supposed to have 22 different reds - and red being one colour I do not have a lot of - I wondered how many repeats I would need to include...[I am NOT absolutely NOT going to buy fabric for this!!!!]...but I found the necessary 22 - the green wasn't so hard.

So, its ready to sew together...I will probably do some re arranging of colours ...these design boards do make life easier.

Then - since the house was quiet (DH & DD were at the AFL) I cut out the next block for Mrs Beasleys sampler...I'm loving this quilt and although we had to wait ages for Block 3 - its not such a problem - I did have one or two other things to occupy me!!

This block is upside down and the white dresden "paper"
will obviously get covered...just need a fabric...
and this is part of the block too.

so, I can sew that when I get time....

I find that since I am work 4 days a week - and long days at the moment, that preparation is the killer...if I only start at 9pm, it's hard to get motivated to get out all the fabrics and play around...and to me choosing the fabrics is the fun part.

Hopefully I'll get around to catching up on some of the others who joined in..maybe not - but a big thanks to Wendy for coordinating FNSI.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Nature"s Journey - March

I've finally finished my blocks for the month of March for the SAL...March was a difficult month for many reasons but the blocks are done, the month is over and hopefully I can get back on track and do some catching up...

As is normal for me I have started to make some changes to the pattern - girls from GDITC will know them as "Dawnifications" - she and I share that gene.  There should be circles in the stars and the flower...I do like the pears though). Next month is going to see a lot of changes too I think.