Saturday, December 1, 2018

Loose Threads Christmas meeting

Again this year we gathered at Jan's - she lives down the coast - and we go out to lunch to the nursery close by - its a Cafe 63 and very enjoyable.

This year we decided we would give each other a Christmas Decoration - either bought or handmade.  We do a random draw so it's always a bit of pot luck.

I made this little tree.

and I received these lovely angels.
 (very appropriate that I should receive the angels...)

As tradition dictates - I also made angels for everyone.
You can see all the previous angels here.  I've been doing this since 2002.

(They are a bit sparklier in real life)

I love how Jan arranges her angels so I like to take a picture.

(Believe it or not I have a plan and part of the requirements for the 2019 version..
absolutely no excuse not to have them ready early next she says.)

We talked about what we would do for Birthdays and Christmas for 2019 - that is really looking ahead (especially for Christmas and of course we will all be well prepared...(???maybe)

It's a fun group - there have been some changes over the years but we have now been going for over 20 years... a lot has happened in those years of course...but its good that we are all still friends.


Maria said...

Sweet decorations were both swapped and received. Can't believe you are sew organised for next year.
It's wonderful you've been stitching and enjoying each other company for sew many years....

Fiona said...

so lovely to have a long term group like that.... makes for special friendships. Great idea to exchange ornaments and your angels are all so special.

Janice said...

It’s so special to be a part of such a group. The decorations ar super cute. I’m sure you will have another fun year in 2019.

Michelle Ridgway said...

It's wonderful to have a special group of friends like that. Love the pretty decos and how cute is the Angel display xx