Thursday, March 26, 2020

Jingle All the Way

The Sunday Stitchers UFO Challenge was #1 for March.  So out came Jingle All the Way.

This is a machine embroidery design from Kimberbell.

I started this at my local quilt shop in January 2018. I had it almost done in August 2018 (missing a block and the borders)......but once home from retreat, it went back into the “black hole”.

But now the top is done, so sometime I will need to think about quilting it.....or having it quilted.....

When the embellishments are on I will do some close ups.  
There are lights on the houses, bows on the presents..... 

I really like the snow globes...

Like everyone, my world has changed.
On the plus side;
I still have a job, I can/must work from home, so no need to get dressed in work clothes....though I do NOT stay in PJs all day.
I can either work longer hours   OR spend commute time sewing or walking the dog.
Dog is loving me being home all the time.
No friends or family have been affected health wise or job wise

On the negative side;
shopping is so much harder
sewing gigs are cancelled
hairdresser and beautician are closed (on the plus side I save $$$$$)
the economy will go down the tubes and it will be a long time til we recover

This is not the place to get into the "what ifs" etc . . .just my take on it for now.

I do have more sewing time and am busily working on my #2 for Sunday Stitchers and will have it ready by the Due Date...and won't show it before that.  

I am also getting through a lot of crocheting so will have a huge bag full to handover when I can.

Stay Safe
Stay Home
Wash your hands

Elbows to all


Maria said...

Weird time but we just need to stay home and make the best of it.
As you say you still have a job and also have some more sewing time plus your dog loves walks....
Fantastic Jingle All the Way quilt...

Michelle Ridgway said...

Glad you are still able to work and you can arrange things as you like. A beautiful quilt...glad I saw it in real time xx

Lin said...

Well that is a lovely finish - well done. Yes, wierd times for us all and as you say lots of plus and minus's. We are retired so fortunte not having to worry about work but then we are more at risk! xx

Bethan said...

I've been working from home and get dressed into my jeans every day - what I'd normally wear for casual Friday in work! And then on a Friday I wear my funky leggings, which is what I normally wear in the evening. It's helping to keep a routine and not sit in PJs all day. I'd use your commute time to do stuff for you rather than work longer hours - but that's my personal preference :) I love your snowglobes too - they are very cute x

Fiona said...

Working from home does mean some changes. Your post is positive but also realistic that our lives have changed. Lovely quilt.. I rememeber you learning your machine with it??? Enjoy your commute time creativity...

Cheryll said...

I think all our sewing rooms will be getting a good work out...
But think of all that fabric stash we can finally use up... well make a dint in it
Stay Safe & Stay away...xox

Janice said...

It is definitely a different world we live in at the moment. We have to look on the bright side and be thankful for our quilting hobby. You should have a great new quilt in time for Christmas. I seem to have been catching up on some other things so far, but hope to get stitching today. Take care.

kiwikid said...

So good you can work from home Susan, love your Christmas quilt, good things aren you get more sewing time and get to spend more time with your dog. Keep safe.

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