Thursday, May 31, 2018

Final May Finish - Sew Together Bag

I have made 3 of these Sew Together Bags and thought it was time for one for me.  I do like my sewing things to be "matchy matchy" ....usually...but was very tempted by some Tula Pink fabrics I picked up in Victoria last year (I think), so I used them - added a couple - got some very colourful zips and here it is:

I have to say that each one you make gets easier.....It's not really difficult but you do need to stay alert when you are making the inside pockets.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

SIMS Round Robin

In a small group I belong to we thought we would challenge ourselves
....just in case we were getting boring . . . 

We decided to do a Round Robin quilt.

There are only 4 of us - we call ourselves SIMS (Susan, Inca, Maureen, Sue).

We each made a central block and the plan was that we would each add a border.  .

I started mine off with this block

and the end result is this
I love it - we are planning on having them finished by the end of the year . . (no pressure)

This is Inca's quilt - I did the last border of Flying Geese - using the same machine embroidery technique that I used in Jingle All the Way (here)

This is Maureen's quilt - I did the pink and green checker board border.

This is Sue's quilt - I did the first border.

Maureen added dimensional flowers to the central block.  Maureen and Sue's mother (Hazel) were very good friends and Maureen had been gifted a lot of sewing things from Hazel (who has now passed away).  Amongst that collection were some tiny hand made petals that fitted the hydrangea theme perfectly.  So Maureen added them to give dimension.  It looks lovely and is a perfect keepsake for Sue.

I'm not sure we are all rushing to do this again.....but it was (mostly) fun!
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Friday, May 25, 2018

Jingle All the Way progress

Once a month a I go to a class to work on "Jingle All the Way" - a machine embroidery quilt designed by Kimberbell.

I did the first class (January) back here - just before the Australia Day long weekend - so was able to get through a lot of the homework for that month.  Since then things have gone down hill a bit.

This month (May)- we had three house blocks to make and as I had pre cut my fabrics I was able to get 2 done in the class and have now finished the third one....

In February we made flying geese - "In the Hoop" - this is a very accurate method - very similar to paper foundation piecing.  But it does use a lot of fabric...and there is a bit of waste.
There are 4 sections in total and I have made them all.

It was perfect timing as I was able to then use the same method to make the flying geese for a border on a Round Robin quilt - more on that later . . . .

In March we made Snow Globes - 2 of the required 4.  They each have loose items in them - so you can shake them up a bit to move the sparkly bits around.

In April we made chenille trees - 3 of the required 4.  (I haven't "roughed" them up yet.)  There are also 2 stockings with chenille tops to do.

So, you can tell I have some catching up to do - as well as what I still need to finish of the actual embroideries - there are also quite a lot of pieced blocks to make, which should be fairly quick & easy - once I have prepped them!!-

I'm enjoying the classes and I do learn things - tips & tricks - as I go....just need to catch up so I am ready for the "putting together" class......
And I can use bits of these blocks for other projects - for example the houses have fringed wreaths on the door - I have only fringed the one on the black house - but I can see me using that on another Christmas quilt that is on the To Do list.  And the flying geese pattern was very useful.

Next month we are making free standing "lights" to adorn the houses....really looking forward to that one too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A May Finish

A while back I promised a "Pay It Forward" Quilt top.

This was a way of saying thank you to someone.  I was given a jelly roll to use and decided on a simple Post & Rail top.

I worked on this at Baradine in April and finished it off early May and handed it back to the lady I had promised it to.  She has a group of ladies who do a lot of quilting charity work, so they will quilt & bind it.

I did enjoy working with these colours.

Monday, May 21, 2018

FNSI - May and Sunday Stitchers


I am a bit late posting this - life has been crazy hectic and the weeknd was full on.

However, despite needing to do groceries on Friday night I as able to get some sewing done - I finished off the binding for this quilt.

The pattern is Vintage Christmas Blessings by Canning Town Patchwork.
And a big thanks to Wendy or gracious hostess.

This is my Project #7 for Sunday Stitchers 2018 Challenge.  I will add some more quilting later but for now it is (almost) finished.

I also had to finish off a decorated coathanger for a swap at Sunday Stitchers.

This is the one I made

Sunday Stitchers

The Tuesday Girls had decided that they would like to put on a special Mothers Day Morning Tea & part of that was the coat hanger swap.

The table looked stunning - hand made decorations, flowers, sandwiches, chocolates, baby pikelets and muffins.  We had been asked to bring along a pretty teacup, saucer & plate to add to the ambience.

 I received a lovely coat hanger from Lynda

A wonderful time was had by all - thanks to you all - especially that one who will remain nameless who is cracking the whip a bit so that we don't get boring . . . .

Thankfully, the next UFO Number for the Challenge is #5 - finally a quick and easy finish.  Whilst I am very motivated to achieve the goal for the month I am finding that some other projects are getting overlooked - hopefully not this month!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Gail Pan I Stich Club

I have been working on the April stitcheries on and off during the month - completed just in time for the next lot!
Here are March & April:

Friday, May 4, 2018

FNWF - May

Best Laid Plans

Friday Night - Geelong Cats are playing at night - it's on TV (probably Foxtel)...goodo I thought - get dinner on the way home - eat it - and escape to my favourite place!!!
NO - a "family" dinner was on - sort of extended family - DD2's partner's off to Carina Leagues Club.   And really you can't just eat and run . . .(tempted though I was)

So my sewing treat was cut a bit short - however DH brought me home a gift:

so, I had to play with that first.  
Sadly it only comes with 3 of the letter I had to improvise.  DD2 tells me I can buy extra sets of letters at K Mart...a bit of shopping will be necessary!

Then I finished putting this one together.

This is Project 7 for the Sunday Stitchers 2018 Challenge - my goal was to create the top - so that is more or less done....
The original pattern (From CanningTown Patchwork @ Warwick - now closed) was a more Christmassy theme.  I think it was called Vintage Christmas Blessings.  
It included embroidered words - Peace. Joy. Blessings etc in the strips between the rows...and stars on the trees.  Although I liked the quilt when I first saw it - I really do not need another Christmas quilt (must remember that when I am looking at patterns) - especially in these colours, so the words went.  There is also some embroidery between the houses and I'm not sure I really like that either - so I need to think about the "space" and decide how to fill that in - any suggestions welcome.

When that was done, ironed and photographed, I sewed a few rows of Ruth's Quilt together - pictures later on.

All in all - not too bad for a late start after a very busy / stressful / tiring week (2 weeks actually) at work (including working half of my "day off").

I hope you all had a fun and productive night - thanks for your cyber company and thanks to Cheryll for managing to still have a "party" whilst buzzing around all over the place,
Happy weekend to all - and if you are in Queensland - Happy Long weekend..... (though really we do not need another public holiday...yet)