Monday, June 21, 2021

June - Crochet blocks

There is a fair bit of sewing happening here - but it's all WIP stuff, so not a lot of finishes...

However, I am still churning through crochet blocks when I can.

Here is the June pile (12)  that I handed over to Maria.

Friday, June 18, 2021

FNSI - June

I seriously did not think I'd get to any sewing tonight for FNSI - DD2 is having her baby shower tomorrow and there was "stuff" to do - but I was back home by about 8.30 and to escape the AFL commentary from the other half - I hid in the sewing room....One would have thought they were losing by miles - but they managed to scrape in for a win (Geelong  in case you care).

One thing DD2 had asked me to do was to insert some magnets into these Toy Story toys - they are soft toys but they will sit on a light she has above the change table so she can grab one to use as a distraction when bub is being changed....(yes she is well aware not to let the baby actually keep it....she is all over that safety stuff!!!)

This turned out to be quite fiddly but they're all magnetised and ready to stick like glue to the light.!

But tonight - I worked on some of the unfinished pages for her alphabet book...still a few more to go - but I'm waiting on pictures of her dog so I can use that for the D (oops I've just remembered I was going to use a picture of the cows ..oh well...too late now I think...I don't think I've left enough room)

That's an case you were wondering...

These still need the blanket stitch but at least Ive got them ready...

Hope everyone else had a fun night - maybe some of you were productive?? maybe not . . LOL

Thanks Wendy - always nice to gather at your cyber house.....and I love how recipes keep cropping up on my

Saturday, June 5, 2021

FNWF - June

Nearly halfway through the year!!!

Scary . . .

On Friday night I finished off this block for K4BN...whilst watching a bit of TV

Then I did some tracing for Blocks 5 and 6 of Letters to My Daughter - no picture - it's hard to see the tracing . . .mmm ...I used a Frixon pen...I know that if you iron the fabric and then put it back in the freezer - the ink re-appears - I've done it before reasonably successfully . . .This time I used a different pen to before - I ironed over the drawing lines a few times to affix the parlon - but after a stint in the freezer - the lines were quite faint.   I had to redraw them.

Then some machine blanket stitching on one of the alphabet books I'm making.

Saturday was a Loose Threads day, so I did most of the backstitch on this well as the words.

Tonight...(Saturday) I'm back to the alphabet books.

Hope everyone had a fun Friday Night, Hope Chooky and gang are having a fun time.

Big thanks to Cheryll for keeping us on our toes!