Tuesday, January 24, 2023

FNSI - January

The month is rolling along - and I'm late doing my post - but for the records, I had a busy day helping some friends start on an ABC book and then at night (after I resorted my fabrics and put stuff away...) I did some of the blanket stitching on the current ABC book.  In theory of course I would make sure all the bits are adhered and then start sewing . . but it doesn't always work that way!  But I do pick a colour and sew whatever I can, then move onto another colour.

Happy New Year to those I haven't said it to yet . . .I wish everyone a happy, peaceful, fulfilling year with no unexpected humps & bumps.

And a reduction in the Fabric Stash and UFO list.....but maybe that is too much to ask!

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Baby Quilt & Taggie

I have finished the latest baby quilt and matching taggie.   These are for my DD2's Brother & Sister in Law - and their #2 baby - Kayce, who was born a little early - just before Christmas.

I used the brown elephant flannel on the back of this quilt - featuring dinosaurs.

Hopefully mum & bub will enjoy it.

Monday, January 9, 2023

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2023

I enjoyed participating in RSC in 2022 - so have signed up again.

It is very flexible - your project can be as small or as large, as simple or as detailed as you like.  Each month Angela gives us a new colour to work with.

Last year - I made 9 blocks by starting with January's colour - red - and adding borders for each month

January 2023 colour is blue - darker and brighter blues as there will be "baby shades" later . . 
I plan to make I Spy blocks using fabrics that are predominantly the selected colour - each block will have a coloured border around it.  I may leave the borders til later as I think I'd like them all in the same range of fabrics - maybe a Grunge . . .??  

This is the "plan"

And here is my blue block - minus the border.

(bit of a wobbly photo - it is straight!)

Saturday, January 7, 2023

FNWF - January

After all the Christmas and New Year festivities - where it's hard to work out what day it is - back to routine - a Friday Night sewing With like-minded crafty Friends all over the place.

Thanks, Cheryll for continuing another year so that is a push to do something and then do a blog post.

As usual, a spot of crochet

then into SSS to continue the quilting of this baby quilt.  This bub was born a few weeks early - just before Christmas, so I will make finishing it the #1 priority for now.

You can see who else joined in here.

Friday, January 6, 2023

Advent Swap

I posted about the Advent Swap here - and now that it is done - I can show the given and received.
(Mainly for my benefit so skip this post if you prefer.)

Here is what I included in the Advent Swap gift box/bag for Maureen:
  • Spatula and Cookie Cutter
  • Tea bags
  • Tea leaf holder - Tea Man
  • FSL - Sleigh & Reindeers
  • Cookie Mix
  • Small Gift cards
  • Paper Serviettes
  • Hegs Pegs
  • Hand-made stocking (thanks Maria)
  • Note pad
  • Wine glass tags
  • Kit Kats in 4 different flavours
  • Applique Kit
  • Silver Name Labels
  • Pink flower Duct Tape
  • Machine needles
  • Sticky Notes
  • Wool needles
  • Packet of Sunflower seeds
  • Reuseable ice cubes
  • Shoo Fly
  • Ginger Bears
  • Shower Gel
  • Tiny hand cream tube
  • Suzy Toronto Calendar
  • Small pink cutting mat
Here are my gifts:

Here are the ones I received
1st - 5th December
Book, fluffy slippers, Christmas Note Pad & pen, green pouch, stitchery kit

6th - 10th December
paper serviettes, cakes of soap, buttons, paper parchment - with contact for some classes...., and a great ruler with a variety of measurements from 1/8 - 1"

11th - 15th December
Cosmo thread, Cottage Garden thread, 2 x tape measures, and a scissor tag, 
Christmas cross stitch designs, and a lavender sachet.

16th - 19th December
bells of different sizes and colours, 7 pieces of wool felt (love them), 
Shower Gel, cute pencil with rubber/eraser

20th - 25th December

a scratchie which sadly didn't produce any $$$$$$$$$
two scissor guards, a cute little needle/pin holder, 
a coaster for the car - to absorb moisture, 
a thread bobbin and a gorgeous hand stitch stocking.

I think we both had fun with this idea.