Saturday, December 29, 2018

December Finishes and Sunday Stitchers UFO Challenge

I've already posted a number of finishes for December - because I had them ready for a particular meeting.  Some are very small - like the 60 angels I've made, or the little tree decorations.

But in the lead up to Christmas there were a lot more finishes...
**Warning long post***

Holly Cottage Christmas Quilt

Our Sunday Stitchers Challenge number to end the year was - of course- #6 - which was my version of Michelle Ridgway's Holly Cottage Christmas.

I started this quilt in conjunction with a Stitch A Long Blog - this time hosted by Fiona - there was a plan of when to make blocks and when to finish it - I think my blocks were all done on time - but not my finish....I still want to add a bit more before I post on the SAL Blog but I showed this at the December SS meeting as my #6:

I did make many changes to the original pattern - and a formal apology to Michelle - I started off following the pattern - although I left out the words, but then it became a quilt for my eldest daughter and she wanted certain things in it - so I deviated a lot more from the pattern.

It was beautifully quilted by Fiona...just perfect ...
I have now gifted it to my daughter and her husband as part of their Christmas present and they are delighted.

Updated August 2021...for some reason the quilt was still with I added some presents to the tree block:

but it is now safely delivered to them in Townsville, so no more additions!.

Ruth's Quilt

I also showed Ruth's Quilt at Sunday Stichers - another group project  - hosted by the No Fuss team.

I really enjoyed making this quit.

I personalised a lot of the blocks to include the various sewing groups and retreats that I go to. 
I must admit it was a battle to get these both finished in time along with all the other Christmas stuff that happens - maybe next year I will be ahead of the game??? maybe...probably not.

Crochet blocks

Only 6 crochet blocks this month

 Alphabet Book

My eldest daughter is due to have a baby in March and I have made her a cloth alphabet book.  I started this in September or so....and in November she decided to have a "Book Themed" baby it is very appropriate...Guess I chose well.

I loved doing the Q page....

I have since gifted this to her too - as she had the Baby Shower whilst down in Brisbane for Christmas.  It was a big hit!

Mini Quilts

My best friend (Maureen) and I swap presents each year and we decided to stick with the mini quilt idea - this year it was Christmas themed.
I had thought about a bauble made from strips of fabric and ribbon which I started in October...and then I saw a lovely Crazy Christmas tree as a machine embroidery project...mmm...couldn't decide - so I made both - I gave this one to Maureen

and I have kept this one for me

Non slip machine foot pedal mats

I actually made two of these - I've given one away .  This one is for my eldest daughter - I added it to a sewing box and thread holder which were her Christmas presents.

Boy!!! no wonder I was busy in December!!!

There are still 2 days of december - what else can I finish???

String Quiltalong

I discovered a String Quilt Quilt a Long starting January 2019.

I needed another project   NOT for 2019....but I had planned a table cloth using striped blocks like we did earlier in the year for Sunday Stitchers, so this will be a great motivator to work on it.   I have no idea how it will be run but I have indicated my interest in joining.

If anyone else feels tempted - pop over here to read about it.

Gotta go - need to go fabric shopping!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

FNSI - December

The last FNSI for 2018 - big thanks to Wendy for continuing this for another year - it's great motivation to sew and to blog!

Friday night - still working on secret projects!

Just a few peeps!

I wish all my fellow FNSIers a wonderful Christmas - may you be happy and with those you want to be with.  Looking forward to a fruitful 2019.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday Stitchers Christmas Meeting

Sunday Stitchers is the largest group I belong to - so it makes sense that it is the biggest party - BUT a few special touches sets this one aside.

Sandi always puts herself out and creates something special - so although this year we went to the local hotel (rather than her place) for lunch - and it was very good - she still manged to amuse us with some games and crafty activity.  

First up - we formed teams of 3 and had to wrap a ball - set up and decorate a tree with a set list of decorations. All within 7 minutes.  Just getting the tree out of the box and all the branches extended was time consuming!!
Of course at the end there were prizes for everyone... Silly game but fun.

Image may contain: indoor

She also made up a giant photo frame  and brought along a box of props for us to use.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing
Another game was threading popcorn on string.

Our craft activity was to make a little decoration - Sandy brought along the mug shapes and the adornments - I chose to make this one.

Although we have a "Secret Santa" swap - a lot of us also give a small gift to everyone  - here is my collection....

This includes some lovely decorations to add to my collection - which this year are strung up on a fine LED light wire.

My Secret Santa swap buddy was Norreen - and she was mine - an easy swap!!!
This year we each put a fat quarter in a brown paper bag with an idea of what we would like....I left mine til the last minute and grabbed a yellow bali - and asked for "Something sewing related"...probably not very helpful for Norreen - but she rose to the challenge and made tme this lovely sewing folder - she added a lovely stitchery and some gorgeous purple bali.

It is great and will be used for a project I have almost started!!

Norreen put in a fat quarter of a lovely blue floral - a tricky blue - but one day when I was out and about - I found a great stripey fabric that went with it.  Norreen had asked for a bag or a zippy pouch...I settled on the zippy pouch and added a few much can you get out of a fat quarter???   I used the fat quarter for both the front & back of the zippy pouch so there wasn't much left - not even a 2.5" square.  As well as the zippy pouch I made a scrap bucket, a needle case, a scissor holder and fob, a pin cushion and a mug coaster.

Alison is the chief coordinator - Madam President - for the group - she needs to coordinate with the hall admin people and attend yearly fire drills, so we thought she deserved a gift.  We made up a box of Moscato and some treats (chocolates, nuts shortbread etc) and I made her another of the mini wall hangers that I've been making lately.

Oh - and we had two birthday girls too - that all got a bit overshadowed but they each received a lovely bunch of fabrics.

AND we had a bit of Show & Tell - that will wait for another post.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

KQ Christmas Meeting

This year we decided to celebrate Christmas at a local hotel - we were able to hire a room and eat meals from the dining room.

Margaret and HIlda did a great job decorating the table and organising some games.

We also had a coupe of craft projects - we made a tree from ribbon and beads

and we made lolly trees.

Each year we have a themed swap - this year the theme was "Door" - so it had to be anything related to a door - a door decoration, a door stopper, one present was a wall hanging with  a door image.  I was a very slack photographer and didn't take nay pictures...even forgot to take a picture of the one I made....but we did all have a lot of fun - and it was very easy and comfortable being in the hotel.

I gave everyone an angel and also gave Pat a special gift - she is our chief coordinator - keeper of the key to the room we go to and I thought she would like this:

I also made these two trees for the children of one of our group

Another fun year wrapped up!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

FNWF - December

My word - the last FNWF for 2018!!!

And of course everyone is super organised for Christmas and all the Secret Sewing is done....NOT!!!

MIne isn't all done - It will be - nothing like a deadline to put some pressure on . . .

Tonight I organised the back and hangers for these little trees:

I also made a mini hanger and will get that one sewn up pretty quickly by Saturday night ...sorry - not showing the front at the moment!

I hope everyone else had a fun & productive night - poor Cheryll was probably tied up with some other stuff - cruising is a pretty tough life after all!

Cheryll, many thanks for continuing FNWF in 2018 - even though you missed a few - it gives the rest of us some incentive to sew and to blog!

To all my FNWF buddies - I wish you a Merry Christmas full of hope and happiness and all the very best for 2019 - may you finish more projects than you start!

And to all the FNSI buddies - I'll catch up with you all soon!!  (I think we are doing December??)

Hugs to everyone.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

SIMS Christmas Meeting

Sadly we were missing one of us - so only 3 of us to celebrate the end of the year.  But we had a fine feast - with pudding later on.

I made these little hangers for everyone - I even managed to make one for myself this year.
(No surprise for my missing buddy)

I received a lovely Christmas hand towel from Inca and a Christmas decoration, soap and hand cream from Sue.

A great end to the year and we will be back in January with new ideas and new projects.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Loose Threads Christmas meeting

Again this year we gathered at Jan's - she lives down the coast - and we go out to lunch to the nursery close by - its a Cafe 63 and very enjoyable.

This year we decided we would give each other a Christmas Decoration - either bought or handmade.  We do a random draw so it's always a bit of pot luck.

I made this little tree.

and I received these lovely angels.
 (very appropriate that I should receive the angels...)

As tradition dictates - I also made angels for everyone.
You can see all the previous angels here.  I've been doing this since 2002.

(They are a bit sparklier in real life)

I love how Jan arranges her angels so I like to take a picture.

(Believe it or not I have a plan and part of the requirements for the 2019 version..
absolutely no excuse not to have them ready early next she says.)

We talked about what we would do for Birthdays and Christmas for 2019 - that is really looking ahead (especially for Christmas and of course we will all be well prepared...(???maybe)

It's a fun group - there have been some changes over the years but we have now been going for over 20 years... a lot has happened in those years of course...but its good that we are all still friends.