Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Welcome to the North Pole QAL - March

Deadlines are so motivating - I decided that I would go along with the "timetable" in my own interpretation and post at least one block on the 4th Wednesday of the month.  That means I have to at least prepare here is the Bakery:

Everyone loves a macaroon  . . . .

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Stitchers March 2014

Today was our Sunday Stitchers meeting day.

A very busy group of ladies stitching away - there might have been a bit of talking, laughing, eating etc going on....

In addition to the "row" quilt some of us are doing and that we can't talk about...much - there is also a group doing "Gossip in the Garden" and today was show day for the middle block.

It seems Cheryl hasn't quite caught up - in fact - she hasn't started...but it's all good..she is such a good sport about it...
I worked on a bit of reverse sewing....cut out bits for a North Pole block and some stitching.

A great day as usual...any day sewing is a good day...true??

Saturday, March 22, 2014

So much to catch up on . .

Nundle GDITC, the Brisbane Craft Show & FNSI all in one post.
I didn't take a whole pile of pictures in Nundle - but it was a fun time - chatting with people I blog with from time to time - Mostly I had seen their faces so it was great to really talk.  The tutor was Lynette Anderson and although not all her quilts are in colours I would select - her latest range of fabrics is gorgeous - based around soft pretty mauves.  Gorgeous and the quilt she had on show was also gorgeous - so tempted....

I seem to have a thing for houses/buildings etc,
so the colours & the theme are tugging at me....
And luckily, the project for the day was a sewing bag in that range of fabrics - and I had to add a few extra fat quarters.
There are 96 3/4" hexies in that pattern . .  .
Nundle is quite a small place - but some lovely places to look at. An Antiques shop, a shop that stocks home wares - like  feather dusters of ostrich feathers, enamel pie dishes and some lovely quality tea towels.

There is also a working wool mill.

On the way to Nundle we stopped at Glenrose Patchwork Cottage - caught up with Cheryl and Lynda - it's a lovely shop - and it's the first time I've been there - bought a few fat quarters for birthdays this year for the Sunday Stitchers Group, and a pattern for a quilt with small stitcheries and half a metre of fabric that looks like selvedges.
We lunched at Brysons - after reading about it so many times on blogs - it was exactly as I thought - though bigger,

I think my travelling companion and I will make a day trip of Warwick again some time this year.

Brisbane Craft Show
A little disappointing - huge queue to buy tickets, quite a small show - and no air conditioning until 11.30am or so.  But I was able to complete the purchase of all the fat quarters for the Sunday Stitchers, and I also bought a few Lynette Anderson fat quarters at a great price for me, a few trims for my North Pole quilt, a gift for someone, and some necessities - pins, ruler and rotary cutter blades.

The best buy of the day for me was this collection of little tin houses - I told you I had a thing for houses/buildings - $4 each - a bargain!

I did bump into some lovely ladies though - several times!!!
(we helped each other shop!)

I do try to be alert and awake for these Friday Sewing Nights - but that darn lounge chair often puts me to sleep!
I did manage some stitchery - though I had planned to join my row of pinwheels to the flower row for the Sunday Stitchers Row quilt....tomorrow for that.  We are not allowed to put pictures up on our blogs...but this doesn't give much away.

Wonder what our next row will be???
(Not long to wait.)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

GDITC - Nundle

The excitement has been building for months - ever since I booked my Annual Leave at work and it's been getting more fun the closer it gets to the day.  Of course, I am so organised because I have had so long to get ready....NOT...still a few stitches on a swap - still need to wrap the swap bubbles - lots of things...and I am out tonight celebrating with DD2 for her birthday.

Nevertheless I will be ready sometime tonight or tomorrow morning and I - along with my "Plus 1" will be hitting the road, visiting Warwick, Armidale & ready to meet all the bloggers Friday lunchtime..

From there it is party party party, talking, eating, socialising - oh and maybe a bit of sewing with Lynette Anderson...and I am sure another project to finish . . . .