Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

To all my friends:

I wish you a wonderful year ahead!  Hopefully full of good things - or at least nothing so bad that you can't deal with it.

I don't live in Sydney (anymore) but really - the harbour is the BEST backdrop for fireworks...

Take Care 
See a lot of you in 2015.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas - I hope you are sharing it with special people.

Thanks for being part of my cyber world.

I've strung these little decorations up in my sewing room - mostly gifts from this year but a few older ones as well.   Not too sure I will want to take them down.....

at least they are relatively safe from the cat!!

My friend Maureen & I swap a cushion each year for a Christmas present..

Here is #1 - 2012

#2 - 2013

and here is #3 - 2014 - I love it!

all of them together.

I don't have pictures of the two I have given her - but this is #3 for this year - in celebration of our trip to Nundle in March.

Cheers everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2014


I was determined to make a good showing tonight - no falling asleep on the lounge!!
Thursday gave me a bit of time to cut the strips I needed to make some hashtag blocks to send to Molli_Sparkles for quilts for the victims of the Sydney Siege.  So tonight I was able to get some of them finished - in between playing taxi driver for DD2,

It's been a great year sewing along with everybody and enjoying the treats Wendy offers us.  A huge thanks to Wendy for hosting and awarding prizes and thanks to all the other stitchers who join in to keep everyone motivated.

Merry Christmas to the FNSI visitors - unbelievably this time next week it will be mostly all over!!!  (I know sometimes Christmas drags on - like Birthdays!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A sad day in Australia's History

You will have heard about the Lindt Cafe Siege - so tragic - no words can convey how shocked and saddened we all are.

But as quilters we can show we care.

Go over here - read about what's happening and join if you can.

Monday, December 1, 2014

So Much Has Been Happening

Thursday - a small & quiet sewing get together...and some presents for me!!

Friday - out for dinner - and some presents for me!!

Saturday - a Sewing get together - and some presents for me!! (and others)

Sunday - a Sewing get together - and some presents for me (and others)

Well, it was my Birthday - and early Christmas swaps etc...

Here is some of what I got from Thursday./ Saturday

Sunday was Sunday Stitchers
a few "extra" little gifts were shared...

These little surprise gifts are always special - especially since they are unexpected and made with a lot of love.
I've decided I really need a "tree" this year.....I haven't worried lately as my girls are all grown up and there are no littlies around - and we have a cat who is just going to love to try to climb it...but this year I going to try to find a big branch or similar just so I can hang all these special decorations.
..and my gorgeous table runner from Noela - my swap partner.
(its going to look great on the dining table) 
...and a decoration

...and a cute reindeer container - it did have chocolates in it - but I think DH & DD2 have had a share...not many left now.....

It was also time for me to receive birthday fat quarters from everyone - Wow!  what a great collection 

Then it was time for us to reveal our Row-a-longs:
too many for one shot - De, Marilyn & Noela

and me, Maree & Debbie

a close up of mine....(just because....)

Most of us still have some work to do on them..Maree finished hers - even quilted but the rest of us seem to have other things to it's on my Christmas To Do list   (I do need a 6 month break to catch up but...maybe not...)

Phew - what a least there is a bit of a break until the next Christmas party.