Saturday, September 22, 2018

September FNSI

My usual schedule for Friday night - watching Better Homes & Gardens and some crocheting:

I found this variegated yarn at the local discount shop - after checking with Maria - we decided it was suitable for the indigenous blankets she makes.  I will make some plain red ones to go with this lot.

Then into Susan's Sewing Space and to make some progress on my Welcome Home In Spring blocks. This is my SS UFO Project #8 - my goal was to "prepare" the blocks - which I did and then I did a lot of the appliqueing when at retreat in August - but I still had all the windows to do - and they are a tad fiddly.
First you need to put the ric rac on the windows - I glued along the lines - placed the ric rac...waited for it to dry and then folded the edges over - that does make it all a bit bulky - and then had to iron the windows onto the houses....In hindsight - I think I would have preferred to stitch the lines with a triple stitch - but I'm too far down the track now!  and after ironing them into place I did the blanket stitch....- this is just one of the houses - but there are a LOT of windows to go.

Oops - sideways - I'm sure you get the idea!

I was happy to keep Wendy company on Friday - along with a lot of other happy sewers - I think she enjoyed having us all bubbling around!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

FNWF - September

A quick post today - a couple pf small things for Friday night:
I've made another taggie for a friend of my DD1 - all her friends seem to be having girls...

and then I did some plain & simple crocheting:

I hope everyone had a fun cyber party night and achieved more than me . . . .
Thanks Cheryll